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Great attendant, very nice to get along with, did a great job of directing our guests to where they needed to go. We were glad to interact with the attendant and have them working with us.

Profile Picture Jessica, 4/28/17, 7 Reviews
Category: Transportation

Unipark provided a parking attendant for our wedding to direct traffic at our venue. While I didn't really interact with the attendant during our event, the service before the event and final payments afterward went very smoothly. Alisha and Margarita were very professional and responsive, so I always felt like I could trust our event to go well. Great overall experience.

Profile Picture Andrea, 11/15/14, 8 Reviews
Category: Transportation

I was incredibly impressed with how responsive and helpful Unipark Valet was! Using their service took away one huge stress of planning a large event.

Profile Picture User3074304, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Transportation

UniPark provided both limo and valet services for us the day of our wedding. From all reports, the valet service at the reception site in NW Washington, DC went well but my groom and I were very unhappy with the limo service we received.
1. The limo we were given had electrical problems which meant that neither the air conditioner (it was hot!) or the divider between us and the driver were working.
2. Our driver took the most roundabout route to get us to the photography location between the wedding and reception - without going into detail, we are still wondering what he was thinking. I've lived in DC for a decade and can't imagine why he chose the route he did adding an extra half an hour to the drive between the church and the photo shoot (again without air conditioning on a warm day).
3. The second driver we had to take us to our hotel from the reception site was playing hip-hop music. When we asked him to please switch the station or turn it off since we were really tired after a VERY long day (or could he put on something romantic for the newlyweds) he switched the station to MORE hip-hop and didn't seem to care what we wanted.

Profile Picture Deirdre, 9/29/12, 7 Reviews
Category: Transportation

They did a wonderful job and director our guests. there were last minute changes by the venue management due to a out of order entrance and the valet service adjusted well.

Profile Picture User2246517, 2+ years ago, 5 Reviews
Category: Transportation

I have worked with Unipark for 10 years in my Event Management business. They are professional, courteous and offer solutions to challenging parking situations. If any problem arises, they handly it quickly and professionally - always making sure the guest is satisfied. I highly recommend their services.

Profile Picture Shawny, 8/18/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Transportation

No complaints. Our site required a valet, but I can�t say I spent any time with them. They delivered as promised at the best price we could find.

Profile Picture J, 5/3/08, 14 Reviews
Category: Transportation

Everything turned out great, but one thing my husband and I noticed was when we arrived at the reception site, the attendant could've opened to door for me or came around the driver's side to ask where to park or if the attendant will take the car and park it somewhere for us. All in all, I would recommend them; I guess it just depends on who they send out to direct traffic.

Profile Picture Ginny, 4/6/08, 2 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)