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While the cake was delicious, and got great reviews, we did have to sacrifice a rude experience. After reserving a time for tasting (giving our credit card to be charged in case we did not show) - when we got to the tasting, they had no record of our appt, and had no record of the numerous conversations that we had with another employee regarding our wedding plans. We were interested in having a 'dessert buffet' instead of a large wedding cake. They could not comprehend this at our appointment and ended up being extremely rude as if we were wasting their time. After my husband and I both drove over an hour to make the appt after work. I was appalled by their customer service and professionalism. We ended up ordering several smaller cakes (several meaning 10) because they are only one of a few in the area making the Smith Island Cake. They were delicious and well received.... but still the company left a bitter taste in our mouths. I would only hope that others choosing them for their cake receive better service.

Profile Picture User1044926, 2+ years ago, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

I am INTENSELY DISAPPOINTED with this company.
Not only were we pressured into signing a contract IMMEDIATELY, they messed up my cake!! It seemed like a good deal, sign immediately and get 20% off and a free small cake, along with a free anniversary cake, but I'm not so sure anymore.
The adviser who met with us was not very helpful in designing our cake - we didn't have any ideas as to what we wanted, but knew something simple and elegant was more our style. On paper, we decided on a 3 tier cake with a simple gold monogram on the middle tier, and red ribbon that we would provide around the top and bottom tiers.
Amidst all the last minute planning, I forgot about delivering the ribbon to them, as well as the last payment. They were very kind on the phone about the payment and I managed to get my wedding coordinator the ribbon so she could take it to them ASAP. I would have preferred a reminder about those details before the last week!
So how did they mess up my cake? The monogram was a garish curly font, nothing like what we had pointed out to the adviser, and even worse, it was WRONG. The letters were correct, but the wrong letter was in the center. Thankfully none of my guests noticed day of, but we have all the pictures now, and it's embarrassing.
In the end, the cake itself tasted delicious.

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Profile Picture User4607483, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

If you like whipped icing this is the place to go but we are cream cheese icing family so not impressed. they did a nice job on my husband's grooms cake but didnt have a chocie but to use this vendor with hotel promo. the size of slices they send over for food tasting is horrible. not enought for the couple to get true flavor when you spend all that money!!! Go with Cakes Plus and you will be SO happy

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Profile Picture Ashley, 10/26/13, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

We set an appointment for a tasting several weeks in advance. The week of the tasting Sugarbakers changed the appointment time back and forth between 3pm and 2pm FIVE times. This in itself was mildly annoying because every switch had to be cleared with the family members that were to accompany us.

When we arrived at 2pm the day of (the last change had been requested that morning), we were greeted and told to help ourselves to some coffee while they finished up with their previous appointments (as an aside, they were out of coffee). We sat and waited for 20 minutes during which time no one spoke another word to us. No one poked their head around the corner to reassure us that they would be finished soon... no one apologized for the wait. Nothing.

From the bits of the conversation we could hear from the ongoing appointments it did not sound as if they were wrapping up... it sounded as if they had scheduled too many appointments starting at 2pm. Some of us had taken off work to be at this appointment, and they couldn't even be bothered to apologize for the wait. Eventually we decided we didn't want to risk dealing with a company this disorganized for such an expensive and important day... and we walked out. We never even received a phone call to apologize for the scheduling mix up.

Maybe 99% of the time Sugarbakers are great. It certainly smelled nice in the shop. But after they wasted my Saturday afternoon without so much as an apology, I certainly would recommend looking elsewhere.

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Profile Picture Jennifer, 5/17/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Favors & Gifts, Unique Services (Other)

Let me preface this by saying that I am sure my experience is not the norm with SugarBakers; they have been recommended by more than one person that I know. I am also relatively sure that my experience with them was an isolated incident.

My fiance left a review describing our experience with SugarBakers - I will summarize: We had an appointment scheduled for 2pm this past Saturday. The week leading up to that date (and even on the day of), they called me to reschedule for 3pm instead of 2pm. And then back to 2pm. And then to 3pm again. And finally, back to 2pm. This in and of itself is not a big deal... what is irritating is that when we arrived at the (final) appointed time, no one was prepared for us. I realize that these things happen - we are not unreasonable. We patiently waited for 20 minutes. No one said a word. We left. They never called us - for DAYS. Then when my fiance left a negative review here on Wedding Wire, they respond within minutes. I still have not received a call from them.

That is why I am irritated... not because they couldn't get their scheduling straightened out, or because they ignored us for 20 minutes when we got there, or even that they never bothered to follow up and say, "hey, sorry you have had this appointment planned for weeks and we wasted your time"... what irritates me is that they are more concerned with their public image than doing the right thing by first apologizing directly to the customer!

Profile Picture Bill, 5/17/14, 1 Review
Category: Favors & Gifts

We provided a beautiful picture of the cake we wanted, they said they could make it, and what we got was far from it. Then they had the nerve to only refund $75.00. DO NOT get your cake from these people.

Profile Picture maria, 5/14/04, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

I had to go 3 times to order a cake since they don't accept cakes with 7 days of a needed date. Next time I planned 1 week ahead but they said they are not able to take order due to "overwhelming" orders. Finally I ordered the 3rd time by going 8 days ahead and I went to pickup today. Since it was Friday the traffic was so bad, I reached their store at 6.01 pm. The person in the store said that they close at 6.00 pm and rejected to deliver my cake. They are not even considerate for 1 min delay. My wifes bidthday party is ruined due to the attitude of these bakers. They believe that it is a privilege to eat their cake. I am not going to these guys once again.

Profile Picture User3590670, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

Worst customer service I've experienced from " professionals "!
Tried to recreate wedding cake experience by ordering another cake for our anniversary. I was told that I needed to pay for it up front over the phone which was fine. Called back on date arranged for pick up to ensure that it was going to be ready for pick up. I was also inquiring about the second unauthorized payment that was taken out of my account. The first thing out of their mouts was that I had to prove it. After going through the fact that it was their fault I finally relented to sending them screenshots of my statements from my bank. I then got accused of "possibly coming in the same day as my phone order and physically purchasing something. These people are crazy and have nobusiness being Iin the customer service world.

Profile Picture alicia, 5/3/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

They don't make the cake they send orders to a production company. They have horrible customer service. Two thumbs down

Profile Picture Kayla, 4/22/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

My dear friend had a SugarBakers wedding cake. Unfortunately it was quite an unpleasant experience as they lost the order, lost the proof of payment, and delivered the WRONG cake. When contacted about the mistake in the cake flavors, SugarBakers did not apologize or acknowledge the error, but blamed every other vendor involved. It was a shame that an otherwise perfect day had a bad aftertaste because of the incorrect product delivered and the horrid customer service. Choose carefully brides.

Profile Picture Julie, 7/2/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Two weeks before wedding, contract and final payment for wedding cake was "lost." The wrong cake was received at reception venue and a representative from Sugarbakers refused to believe my claim. Even after providing a picture of the wrong cake and receiving several phone calls from wedding guests vouching about the cake, this representative continued to talk around the issue and do nothing to provide resolution. After two weeks of going in circles with this representative, the business owner was contacted and the issue was resolved. Sugarbakers may serve a delicious product, but the customer service leaves quite a BAD TASTE!

Profile Picture A, 7/2/11, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake