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Star Shuttle & Charter

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San Antonio, TX
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  • Quality of Service: 5.0
  • Responsiveness: 5.0
  • Professionalism: 5.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 5.0

This is a review for this company's AUSTIN, TX branch.

We used them for our wedding transportation to transport guests from hotel to venue, from venue to afterparty, and from afterparty back to hotel.

The driver was on time and very nice, and the shuttle was clean and comfortable for our guests.

I recommended them to a friend, and she used their services for her wedding, which was 3 weeks after mine. They did great work at both weddings. There is a negative review for them on another site, but really, my experience was very positive. I think it is important to provide them with clear directions regarding your desired route.

  • Wedding: 1+ year ago
Services Used: Unique Services (Other)
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  • Quality of Service: 1.0
  • Responsiveness: 1.0
  • Professionalism: 1.0
  • Value: 1.0
  • Flexibility: 1.0

Star Shuttle nearly ruined my wedding.

Working with them in the months leading up to the wedding was, frankly, a nightmare. We had to call time and time again to fix items they'd entered incorrectly in the charter. Just when we thought something was fixed, they'd send us the "revised" charter and there'd be another issue with it. I don't know if they lack attention to detail, listening skills, typing skills or all of the above; but whatever the case, it took no less than 20 phone calls to get it "right".

And despite all these calls, they emailed me the weekend before the wedding and demanded we send them a "detailed itinerary" . . . because clearly we had nothing better to do and the 20+ times we'd described the plan in accute detail just weren't enough. Wanting things to go smoothly, I gave up hours of much needed sleep and penned the world's most idiot-proof, painstakingly-detailed itinerary - it must have been 8 pgs long, single-spaced. And somehow, despite all this effort, they STILL managed to screw up our routine, round-trip charter.

First, the driver showed up an hour late to pick up the wedding party. Then, he had NO CLUE where he was going, adding an extra 15 mins to the 25 min trip. By the time he dropped us off and swung back to pick up our guests, they had been waiting (rather aggitatedly) in the hotel lobby for 45 mins. We obviously couldn't start the ceremony without any guests . . . and so we waited. As a result, we came just minutes from losing our officiant, who had another ceremony to perform after ours and couldn't just wait around all day. And this was despite the fact that we had allowed a very comfortable cushion of extra time when planning the schedule!

I cannot express how unprofessional and undeserving of your business this company is. I thought many times about forfeiting my deposit and going with someone else . . . I wish I'd done just that. Please save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere!

  • Wedding: 09/29/2012
Services Used: Transportation
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