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I can't say enough good things. Even from day one, Elaine was extremely responsive and accommodating. We did a very nice tasting at her kitchen, where she answered our questions and helped us understand both what her role would be and how she envisioned being of the most help to us both logistically and in putting together our menu. The day of, Elaine and Co. arrived on-time and prepared to set up, they were clearly professional and experienced and navigated the speed bumps of a backyard wedding without issue. The food was plentiful (one of my irrational fears was running out), and the guests raved about the raviolis (personally, I hoarded a few bacon wrapped shrimps). They also were helpful in accommodating few guests' unexpected dietary needs, and preparing plates for both myself and my husband, as well as several guests who's schedules required a later mealtime. The servers and bartenders were absolutely perfect. I could find them when I needed them, but otherwise they were very unobtrusive. The tables were kept clean and the food readily replenished like magic. When looking back over the caterer interview process, I'm glad I put more money towards hiring Rustic Food for our wedding. It was worth every penny and I would highly recommend their services.

Profile Picture Maureen, 4/29/17, 1 Review
Category: Catering
Services Used: Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Chairs, Tables, Bartender(s), Buffet, Cocktail Reception, Hors d'oeuvres, Server(s), Clean Up, Delivery, Set Up

its been almost 2 months since my daughter's bridal shower and i am still hesitant to write a review. I don't like to be negative when it comes to someone's business, however there were a few items which really did not go well. I had ordered food for 59 guests for the shower. I had 2 late cancellations, which turned out to be a blessing because we ran out of food. As the mother of the bride I went last (along with the maid of honor) to get our breakfast/lunch. The two main courses (breakfast empanata and various quiches) were gone and when I asked the servers if there were more, I was informed that there was none. I immediately called the caterer and told her the situation. she asked to speak to her main server who confirmed that they were short by approximately 5 breakfast/lunches. the only items left were ham, potatoes and blueberry french toast (which was shaped in the form of a muffin and was hard and dry-I do not recommend this item). The coffee was not hot (I was told there was no way to heat the coffee, although I thought a Microwave was supposed to be available) and the servers did not serve the coffee or tea. my guests had to get up and serve themselves. My guests, who did eat the food, told me that it was very good (except for the french toast). As for myself, I cannot give you a total review of the food as I only had ham & potato. Now you can understand why I was not very upset about the 2 late cancellations. If those two women had come to the shower, they would have not had enough food to eat.

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Profile Picture Terry, 4/21/17, 1 Review
Category: Catering

I want to start off by saying that, after the wedding, a large part of the feedback I've been getting from guests is how good the food was. They said it's the best food they've ever had at a wedding. We already knew this before the wedding, since we had a tasting with Elaine, but it was great to hear others share similar opinions.
When we started this journey, I was a little nervous about the fact that we had to do everything ourselves. We did not book a full service venue. The next easiest thing was use book Elaine and her team because she was able to make the whole process so smooth and easy, from setting up a floor plan for us, to hiring a wait staff and bartenders, to saving us the trouble of having to think about rentals (she works with a rental company and does the ordering for you).
The day of, she knew we'd be busy so Elaine set aside a couple plates of the food from cocktail hour to make sure we were eating. Her team was great at setting up and following the plan I set up for them. They were a huge reason why our day was so perfect, and such a big success. Thanks so much Elaine and team!

Profile Picture Nicole, 10/29/16, 3 Reviews
Category: Catering

First off, the food was wonderful (Pro Tip: get the Warm Apple & Cheddar Canapes). And just as important, there was incredible variety. We had guests who were vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or simply really picky – and they all had plenty to choose from and enjoy. They loved the food and so did we.

The staff were incredibly professional and handled everything with confidence. In addition, they were incredibly friendly, making sure that we (the bride and groom) were well-fed and comfortable throughout our day.

Finally, Elaine (the owner) was a real joy to work with. For us, she was more than a caterer, as she also gave us much-needed advice on how to plan and navigate all the demands of planning our backyard, garden wedding.

Highly recommended

Profile Picture User7261572, 1+ year ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Catering

Only (yet giant) mistake of our wedding. We did a run thru with them 2 weeks before explaining: where cake would be, when to bring it, timing, tray in our room after ceremony, serve "adults" first (room divided in two parts), etc. They kept saying "chill out," they "had it." It was the opposite. People got served dinner INCREDIBLY LATE/COLD - serving order incorrect. Staff didn't move from cocktail hour to dining on time. We asked them to guide guests to head over, they did not. They missed an entire food item specially requested. No food left in room after the ceremony. They asked, "where's cake+knife?" when we had to ASK THEM to bring it out (when we'd told them to take it out early so it wouldn't be super cold). You don't want to have to monitor the whole time and say "do this, do that." Because dessert was an hour late, the photographer and band were not able to attend our bonfire (extremely disappointing). Salads SO overdressed(we said this @tasting). Groom bombarded w/ staff getting ready-super slow dressing (in his area)- he finally had to ask them to leave. Staff walked in front of my dad during his toast. Kosher food/wine left for one table - my mom served it - staff forgot. This was all a huge embarrassment and terrible disappointment that you DO NOT WANT for your special event. If I could redo my wedding, choosing a different caterer is the ONE THING I'd change. I have to say I got a bad vibe from Elaine from the start. Not a nice lady. Not competent. One of the dishes we tried during the tasting was awful. Trust your gut, that's the lesson here. We told Elaine after the fact how disappointing it had been. She said, "Then why did you tip the staff so well?!" This is infuriating. Just because you run a horrible business, does not mean that the wait staff (who we were told by many guests were stoned the whole time) should be punished. It's my father's only daughter's only wedding day - you think he's going to make a scene by not tipping/tipping well?

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Profile Picture User5453473, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Catering
Services Used: Bartender(s), American, Middle Eastern, Chairs, Tables, Clean Up, Delivery, Set Up, Cake Cutting, Cocktail Reception, Dessert, Hors d'oeuvres, Plated, Server(s), Tastings, Gluten Free, No Pork, Vegetarian

We have nothing but nice things to say about Rustic Food Catering!! Elaine was always quick to respond to our (last minute stress!) emails. Our tasting was lovely. The day of, she and her team (Troy and family) did a wonderful job!! They were so kind to us and our guests. Our favorite drinks were ready for us after the ceremony, and they made special plates of food for us when we were ready. And the menu was so unique!! The food was a huge hit! We will absolutely use Rustic Food Catering again for our next event!!!

Profile Picture User5040152, 2+ years ago, 3 Reviews
Category: Catering

Rustic Foods catered our rustic chic wedding on 10/12/14. We have nothing but 150% positive feedback regarding Elaine's services. Our family and friends could not stop raving about how delicious EVERYTHING was! Elaine was professional, personable, responsive, detail oriented, organized, and a pleasure to work with so we wanted to emphasize how appreciative we are of all those qualities that were evident in her services. Elaine and her staff played a major role in the successful execution of our event and we want to share with others that they helped make our event a memorable one! If you want high quality food and 150% client satisfaction Rustic Foods is the catering company for you! Again, thanks Elaine to you and all your staff!

Profile Picture Monica, 10/12/14, 1 Review
Category: Catering

Elaine provided amazing food for our wedding on 7/5/14. Meat-eaters were happy, as were the vegans and vegetarians, of course! I HIGHLY recommend Rustic Food to anyone looking for a vegan/vegetarian caterer in the NYC metropolitan area.

Profile Picture Michelle, 7/5/14, 7 Reviews
Category: Catering

Elaine is a talented and professional caterer. Her menus are creative and delicious. She was flexible with working around a price point and with local and in season ingredients. She helped organize all of the rentals, provided a layout and helped get the reception set up and running smoothly. Every guest I talked to loved the food. I would recommend her to anyone.

Profile Picture Meagan, 9/1/13, 3 Reviews
Category: Catering

I cannot say enough good things about Elaine and Rustic foods. My husband and I planned our wedding from 2 states away during our medical residency- Elaine could not have been more helpful and calming during the whole process. We really didn't know what we needed to do to make a wedding happen and Elaine not only made delicious food- but she really made sure that all the details were done seamlessly. She was very helpful in keeping prices down as we were paying for the event ourselves and came up with some great ideas to do so. We opted for a vegetarian menu which many guests had been very nervous about-- we actually had 2 separate people come up to us and say they were considering becoming vegetarian after the wedding food. Everyone complemented us on how great the food was!
We would recommend Rustic catering to anyone! Elaine was prompt, professional, very easy to work with and the food is EXCELLENT!

Profile Picture User3352922, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Catering

I didn't know anyone who had worked with Rustic Food before, so choosing them for our wedding felt like a bit of a gamble at first, but everything worked out wonderfully! Partway into planning our event, we learned we wouldn't be able to rent the kitchen facility nearby our venue -- Elaine from Rustic Food was great, renting mobile ovens and equipment to set up an outdoor kitchen -- and you'd never know from the quality of the food! Our guests all kept commenting that everything was excellent, and we really liked the refreshing selection of dishes--Elaine is very creative, too, and will come up with twists or new dishes based on your favorite foods/requests, like a strawberry-rhubarb sauce for an awesome ice-cream sundae bar! Most importantly, the staff she brought with her were so kind, polite and attentive. So many guests and my family felt they added a special feeling of comfort, fun and ease to the experience. We didn't have an event planner or wedding coordinator, but Elaine coordinated the rentals for us and helped guide the flow on the day of the reception. My recommendation for brides who need a lot of hand-holding is to reach out and make that clear up front -- I sometimes would start to get anxious because I didn't know what should happen when during the planning w/o a coordinator, but the minute I had a question for Elaine, she was super responsive and really did take care of everything!

Profile Picture Danielle, 5/18/13, 4 Reviews
Category: Catering

I cannot say enough good things about Rustic Foods and Elaine (the owner, whom we worked with). Our food was AWESOME - our guests have not stopped raving about it. Our cocktail hour and dinner were beautifully presented and delicious. Plus her staff was friendly, responsive, efficient, hard-working, courteous, thoughtful...in short, everything that you would want your wedding catering staff to be. One little example of this: my husband and I had a full plate of food waiting for us at our table as soon as we sat down, so we didn't have to wait in the buffet line or have someone else get it for us. They also gave us a sampler of the food from the cocktail hour - soo thoughtfu!l They obviously know how busy the couple is at their own wedding, and that they often probably don't even get to eat their own food!! I knew from the moment that I met Elaine that I wanted her to do our wedding. She has tons of experience, which is apparent after talking to her for just a few minutes. She does so much more than just bring the food: she helps to coordinate the event and iron out all the details that couples don't necessarily think of. My only regret is not eating more on our wedding day!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Rustic Foods for making our wedding day so wonderful - I know people will be talking about the food years down the road!!!!

Profile Picture User2124994, 2+ years ago, 7 Reviews
Category: Catering

When I first got in contact with Elaine I was very impressed, she answered my emails promptly and gave me the impression she was very laid back and confident in her business, which put my nerves at ease. My fiance and I decided to have a brunch wedding and while I should have known better, didn't taste test the food first. My thought was: how do you screw up brunch? The food wasn't horrible but they burnt the crab cakes (one of my fiance's favorite foods). It was buffet style and there were kids at our wedding so half of our tables didn't get any bacon because they had put everything out all at once (is that normal for a buffet wedding? I always imagined trays being refilled) I was very embarrassed to find out we ran out of anything and I wish I would have thought to ask about that before we booked them..... My wedding was over at 5, which I thought I made clear in the schedule I wrote for them, but my mom told me after they had wanted to pack up and leave by 4:30! (including cleaning up the linens on the tables my guests were at!) So instead my mom cleaned up the linens after the guests had left! I hate giving anyone a bad review and it's taken me months to write this since I was so disappointed. I think they had another event after ours, at least thats how it felt. One of the main reasons we went with a caterer was because we didn't want to play second fiddle to another wedding....oh well. Lessons (yes plural) learned.

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Profile Picture Summer, 9/2/12, 5 Reviews
Category: Catering

Elaine Rust and her staff were absolutely wonderful. I worked with Elaine for over a year and she individualized our menu several times to meet the changing needs of our wedding budget. The food was unique and delicious, and the service of her staff was great. I especially appreciated her hands-on approach, and she was able to give ideas and trouble-shoot concerns before anything became a major issue or snag. She handled the venue and the venue staff for me, resolving several issues with them, too. Overall, I would recommend Elaine and Rustic Food for any catering event.

Profile Picture Prin, 5/1/10, 5 Reviews
Category: Catering