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    Kblamp · Married on 10/27/2018

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    Car was a BEAUTY but if there was another option I would have taken it!

    Soooo. Let me first say that the Vintage Bentley that we had on our weeding day was everything that I had dreamed of... HOWEVER, Alex the owner is a piece of work! Initially he was SUPER responsive and answered all of the questions that I had about the rental of the vehicles. My wedding was in Oct and I called to get info in Feb... 8 mos ahead of time. After our initial conversation he told me think about it and get back to him. He told me since it was sooo early that I had plenty of time to decide. Two days later he emailed me and said that there was another bride looking to book the exact same day as me and if he did not hear back from me by the end of the day he was going to take it as me not being interested. In my heart I KNEW that there was not another bride looking to book but rather he was trying to FORCE me into the booking by creating a panic. Even though I strongly felt that he was lying I went ahead and booked the car because I really wanted it and vintage cars are hard to come by for rental. My husband was annoyed that I allowed him to force me into a decision and I gave in. SO ladies beware of this tactic!
    Payment- He accepts credit cards only to book but only accepts cash thereafter. We wanted to pay him via money order on the day of but he refused to accept it. He was very forceful about only accepting cash because we were not a "business". . he does accept payments 14 days prior to an event also only via cash, not credit card, but I wanted to make sure that all of my vendors showed up before getting full payment! When my husband called get clarification he was rude to him and cited his company "reviews" for his customer satisfaction. When we agreed to pay cash on the day of we asked about getting a receipt on the day of in exchange and he said that we would just have to "trust him " to send it on the Monday after the wedding. Our wedding was in Oct 2018 and it is now January 2019 and we still have not received that receipt of payment from his company. Solution- I had my coordinator take a selfie on the day of with her and the driver holding the envelop with the cash in it to document that the driver was paid.

    Aside from the owners attitude at times, the drivers arrived on time and were dressed professional. One of them got the route direction mixed up and put us behind by about 5 mins but I refused to stress about that on my wedding day. Alex did upgrade the limo up to a sprinter van at no charge because we were not going to put any more money into renting a larger vehicle besides the two that we already had. If the Bentley was more reasonably priced we would have rented it for longer but it wasn't, so we didn't.

    Note: During the times that I spoke with Alex he made several mentions about how "great" his customer reviews were; to the point that he felt comfortable enough to speak to my husband in a very rude, passive aggressive manner. My husband is not very easily rubbed the wrong way by people and Alex's tone made me personally wonder if all of his MANY reviews were legit ??
    Or if someone with a lot of time on their hands created some of them???

    Sent on 01/02/2019

    Queen City Party Charters's reply:

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review. This review is not 100% accurate. i will first start by saying your final receipt was sent to your email you provided on 10/29/2018. If you did not receive that you should have called and we would have gladly resent you another one. (could have went to your spam folder)

    We do not force our clients to book anything. We book our weddings sometimes two years in advance. You called in and inquired about the Bentley. I informed you that if someone else called in and was interested we would give you a courtesy call to see if you are still interested and if not we would move on with the next client unless you were willing to put a deposit down to hold the vehicle. You weren't forced to do book anything with us you chose to book with us. We always tell our clients when they call in whats here today could be booked tomorrow.

    In regards to my rude attitude you speak of all of our calls are recorded for quality assurance. We explained to you via phone and email the payment process informing you that you could not put the remaining balance on your credit card. After hanging up your husband called on your behalf to pay with a credit card per your request. After speaking with your husband he apologized for the miscommunication between you and him because he was unaware that you couldn't pay with a credit card because you had been the point of contact for the event and instructed that he could even though we just had a conversation that you could not.

    Your options for payment are check or money order 14 days prior to the event or cash the day of. You refused to send a check or money and demanded we take your credit card 2 weeks prior to your wedding date but per your review you didn't want the vendors getting paid in full until they "showed up". When from the very start you knew we couldn't accept credit card for final payment. Its even in your signed contract that you would NOT be paying with a credit card. The reason we can not take a check or money order the day of an event is because the driver can not verify funds. You are correct we do have very strong reviews because the quality of service we provide is top notch 100% of the time.

    You are correct. I did give you a free upgrade because a week before your wedding you advised us that you had more people in your party than the vehicle would allow. I graciously gave you a free upgrade not because you couldn't spend more money but when you informed me you had more people than originally discussed I offered you an upgrade an no additional charge.

    I'm sorry you were not 100% satisfied with the service we provided but here it is January and your wedding was in October and this is our first time hearing of your concerns. We take great pride in our service and apologize that it didn't meet your standards. We went above and beyond for you and your husband. Yes our reviews are legit and just like before you are questioning the integrity of our company. Best of luck to you and your husband and thank you for feedback. Have a happy new year!