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I went in with an idea- and was told it wasn't possible. Nothing was possible until the cake was nothing like what I wanted. I asked for a different filling and she told me that she didn't use it. I asked for edible glitter in gold and she told me what I wanted was too expensive so she'd put it just on a name, and that it wouldn't be in gold because she had iridescent in stock. I asked if I could send her a picture of the pattern I decided after talking with her that I'd have printed on the fondant, to make sure that it would be large an clear enough, and she told me I had to put a deposit down on the cake before she would "move forward" and review the picture. Now, the amount of cake I was getting for the price WAS incredibly small, but I know it to be not too outrageous based on prices for special event cakes. Seriously though, it costs you nothing to review a picture to make sure the size is big enough and clear enough to print on fondant. How do you expect someone to enter into an expensive contract when they know that everything they had wanted wasn't going to work, and what they settled for they are unsure of whether or not it will work? Who is going to gamble on an expensive fuzzy image printed onto the bottom on their cake? Yea, I get that if it didn't work I could change it again- but come on! I'm paying YOU to make what I want. So if it doesn't work I should have the right to know before paying you to do my cake. Treat your clients like you want to fulfill their wants; not like they are wasting your time. THEY are paying YOU.

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Category: Wedding Cake

We did not hire Nancy for our wedding for a number of reasons. We were looking forward to visiting her shop after we saw her featured on Cupcake Wars. We had to pay over the phone just to secure a "tasting." Before our appointment, my fiance and I stopped in to anonymously pick up some cupcakes for our families to try. I LOVE almond flavored anything and was excited to try their almond cupcake. It tasted nothing like almond. Everything else was OK, not bad, not amazing. At the appointment, I found Nancy and her employees rather unpleasant - which I find unusual considering they make cake for a living. We were not asked any questions about our wedding date, theme, etc - just simply "What do you want?" Of course I'm not a cake expert so I was hoping she'd maybe have some conversation with me and we could come up with something great together! When I made suggestions, she told me they weren't possible with no explanation. I was asking for a very simple cake and very simple design that could serve our whole party without using sheet cakes and even that was too much. I wanted different flavors for each tier but that would have cost me $25 extra per tier. I think the biggest surprise was that we did not taste one morsel of cake. We expected that a tasting involved tasting. When we had to ask if we could taste some cake, she told us we had to PURCHASE cupcakes on our way out. After that I did mention I had tried her almond cupcake before and that I didn't quite get the almond flavor. She then proceeded to tell me I must have eaten the cupcake incorrectly. Honestly. I know how to eat a cupcake and I know what almond tastes like. At the end of the short and sad appointment, we were left with a plain three tier white buttercream cake and a sheet cake. The kicker was all said and done, being left with nothing we asked for, it would have cost us $800+. No thank you.

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Category: Wedding Cake

Terrible service. I did NOT get my cake from this bakery because my tasting appointment was absolutely miserable. Nancy was late to our meeting, did not offer any tastings, and acted irritable and bored the entire time, telling me that I should know exactly what I wanted. When I chose a shape, size, covering (butter cream), and general design, she was still unsatisfied and wanted me to pick something from one of her books, even though she kept insisting she was immensely creative. She offered no help in coming up with ideas and (begrudgingly) gave me a $400-700 price range when I asked how much a cake for 80 people would be. She must not put much stock in the taste of her cake, either, since the meeting was all about looks and even when I asked for a sample, she said shortly that I could purchase one. Nope!! If you're looking here, turn around and go across the street to Scialo's Bros. Bakery--they're fabulous!!

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