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  • Dominique

    Dominique · Married on 10/03/2009

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    This makeup artist that I hired, Natasha, ended up not doing my makeup on the day of the wedding. She was cute and bubbly when I met her and did a great job on my makeup during the trial. Her prices were good so I hired her on the spot.

    Even though it would be months until we needed to confirm any details of the wedding day, she at least was aware of the "when" and "where". She also knew of the other important detail, that I would be going to get my hair done elsewhere while she did makeup on some of the other girls. Even though the hair appointments hadn't been made, the simple details had been established and understood.

    When it came time to re-confirm the details with Natasha she was very hard to get in touch with. I could only email her, which got to be a pain because I don't think she was reading them thoroughly. She would respond back without addressing some key points so I'd have to go back and specifically ask her to do so, just so that I knew she understood. It was all very frustrating as this was happening the week of the wedding and I desperately needed to know we were on the same page. Eventually we had our details straight, or so I thought.

    When the wedding day came she showed up on time and things were going well. The fact that there would be a short lag between her finishing my Mom's make up and when I would return from my hair appointment had been established (see email comments above) so I thought we were good. However, when I got back she was no where to be found. My poor mother didn't know what to tell me except to say that she had gone to another hotel to do a bride's makeup but would come back at 12:30 to do my makeup. I was really upset but took a deep breath and told myself it was ok, even though this was a half hour later then she was supposed to start my makeup, timing wise we would still be ok. 12:30 roles by, 12:45, 1:00....and in the meantime I am getting very nervous and very upset. My sister is calling her constantly and leaving messages b/c she wouldn't pick up. Finally at around 1:00 I was shaking and I asked my sister to call her once more and tell her not to come back and that I would figure it out. At this point I would do my own makeup, I just wanted to get married! So at about 1:20 she finally shows up, apologizing for being a "little late". My mother, sister and I all stare at eachother, flaberghasted that she showed up after being asked not to. Clearly she still had not checked her phone. We finally got the nerve to tell her how upset we were that a) she left in the first place, after telling me she'd be here, b) she never answered or returned any of our calls, and c) even according to her new timeline she was late and thought it was acceptable! She tried to defend herself but in the process tried putting blame on me saying she had told me of her plans (after getting back from my honeymoon I had sent her the emails showing her she agreed with the timeline and she never responded to that). Finally I had to decide to just have her do my makeup because she was there or have her leave. I have never felt so uncomfortable, being put in this position. I ended up asking her to leave b/c I was so angry. She promised to return my money to me, which she still hadn't done by the time I got back from my honeymoon. I had to contact her again to remind her of this fact. The whole thing went down badly but the first thing she should've done when she got home that day was to write me a check. I should not have had to go after her about that.

    I was really looking forward to having Natasha do my makeup. She had done such a great job in the trial and she was a lot of fun. I was hoping to be able to write a positive review about her to help her business grow. Unfortunately this all happened b/c she stopped listening to her client. I couldn't have laid out the details any more specifically, I gained her agreement and she still didn't follow through. I certainly hope she suceeds in the future and treats her clients with a little more care then she did with me.

    Sent on 03/04/2010

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