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So far so good. Judy and Frank listen and they understood our wedding goals. Satisfied so far. Can’t wait to start working with you. Thanks again.. Selina and Sharon. #spring2019

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Profile Picture Sharon, 3/23/19, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: China, Flatware, Glassware, Linens, Indoor, Uncovered Outdoor, Bridal Suite, Cake, Clean Up, Event Planning, Event Rentals, Lighting/Sound, Set Up

This review is mostly about Frank's wife. I would mention her name, but she was so rude that she didn't even introduce herself by name to my fiancé. They offer great deals if you book in advance, at least 13 months. I sent them a message and they called me the next day. If we made a deal with them within 7 days of this call they would take $1k off the price. Awesome! Frank took us to locations and I wasn't 100% sold on them, but we could make it work, especially if Frank could really decorate the place beautifully. I think he can. When I was on the phone I specifically told them I would need to give myself a few days to make a decision. His wife told me that if we didn't book that day all discounts were off the table. I understood what the deal was when I met with them. After Frank showed us the venues (2), we went to his house to talk to his wife. Here is where they lost me. His wife sat at the table with us and I have never encountered a business situation where someone came in as unprofessionally dressed as she was. I mean she couldn't even put her hair in a nice ponytail and it looked like she had been cleaning the house all day. She was really rude! I understood what the deal was with the discounts, but she wasn't nice about it. She spoke to us as if we were stupid for not taking the deal, because we didn't want to wait over a year to get married. I really appreciated Frank. As we were meeting with him and his wife he could tell we weren't 100% happy with the locations, but he was online looking up different venues. Now there is a person who wants a new client. He wife just kept being rude. She told us that the food at the only other place we looked at was disgusting. NOT TRUE! The food is great there. The last thing I will say is that there is no way I would ever do business with a person who walks away from you and doesn’t even shake your hand simply because you wanted more time to think about something. It is because of her I walked!

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Profile Picture Colleen, 8/18/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Very very professional and very easy to work with. Rented a beautiful clear chavarri chairs with beautiful cushion and it looked fantastic. Everyone of the guest loved the chairs. I also rented a half moon table with a table cloth and it was juat lovely. He delivered and set up fast and early and also picked up fast and very efficient. Thank you so much!! He also hooked me up with a great deal!! Trustworthy and amazing guy

Profile Picture Michael, 1/7/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband Carlos and I had our wedding on June 10 2017 and it would not have been possible without Frank! At first I was a little skeptical to say the least because you never know what you're getting yourself into with people online! My husband was the hardest to convince to trust me to meet up with Frank! Once we did his wife and him were so kind and so helpful since we had noooo idea what we were doing! Everything seemed so affordable and they were so flexible with everything! We are located in West Covica CA so a lot of the planning took place through emails and texts! It was a little crazy that we planned 1year and a half in advance and we only met up 4 times lol but it's so stress free! We changed things more than once and Frank was amazing about it! We wanted a Rustic/Vintage Garden feel to our wedding while incorporating Batman and let me tell you Frank Nailed it!!! I recommend him 100% and have already told some family and friends about him! I do not regret booking him...always there for you when you need him! I would book him again hands down with no hesitation! Thank you Frank for everything and making wedding planning so much easier for people like Carlos and I who had no idea what we were doing lol and who frankly have no time. Thank you for the patience and over all expierence! We will forever be greatful!

Profile Picture Liz, 6/10/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Indoor, Flatware, Glassware, Linens, Cake, Clean Up, Event Planning, Event Rentals, Liability Insurance, Lighting/Sound, Set Up, Aisle Runners, Chairs, Dance Floor, Decor, Drapery, Lighting, Tables

My husband and I could not be happier with Frank. I have never worked with someone so patient, and caring about my needs. He gave us a dream wedding on a budget we could afford! The staff was very professional and Frank did more then we expected from beginning to end. Simply fabulous!
Thank you again

Profile Picture Donna, 11/26/16, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Working with Frank made our whole wedding planning wonderful. We were so happy with everything he provided us and we received so many compliments from our guests. We were on a strict budget and we were able to have the wedding we envisioned with Frank. I would recommend him to anyone, hands down. I appreciated the flexibility in being able to incorporate our DIY decorations and ideas, while still having Frank to give suggestions and offer awesome ideas. In addition, the day of the wedding there he was, running around taking care of everything, bringing us drinks and the h'orderves during our photography session (thank god because we were so hungry!) and making sure that everyone was taken care of. Overall, I'm genuinely happy that I met Frank and that we chose him as our wedding planner. We were originally not going to have a wedding planner (I had the idea that they were for people who didn't have strict budgets) but it ended up being more reasonable to have him because he passed his savings down to us and already has all of his vendors. Thanks a million Frank! :)

Profile Picture Fabiola , 9/19/15, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue
Services Used: Uncovered Outdoor, Cocktail Reception, Hors d'Oeuvres, Plated, Server(s), Tastings, Liquor License, Open Bar, Aisle Runners, Chairs, Decor, Lighting, Tables, China, Flatware, Glassware, Linens, Parking

Beyond happy we decided to work work Frank! He is so amazing. Had people telling me our wedding was one of the best they've been to. His service is high quality and does not break the bank. He was so tentative at the wedding everyone was amazed how hard working he is. We can't wait for our next event to work with Frank again. I recommended him 200% Percent because there is no other way to go. Can't thank him enough for ending he did!

Profile Picture Sunni, 9/5/15, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Lighting & Decor, Party Supplies, Rehearsal Dinner Location, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

We are beyond happy we found Frank as our wedding planner...I know at first you'll be a lil skeptical about the price but it is REAL! Frank will make sure you have your dream wedding without having to spend a fortune...When I found Frank online I was skeptical since it sounded to good to be true but I followed my gut and we went to meet with him and his wife (assistant) they gave me such a good feeling that we did contract right on the spot....After looking at so many places and their exaggerate prices I thought I would never be able to have a nice wedding....Another great thing about Frank is the people he works with are great as well from his DJ to his catering people...Yesterday was my wedding and Frank took care of every single detail, he made sure my wedding was perfect and it was beyond that...My husband and I couldn't be any happier, not only was he so attentive on the day of the event but through out the process he was always available to answer any questions I had...So if you do call him DO NOT be skeptical, give it a chance and go meet with him I guarantee you won't regret it...He gave us something that we will remember for the rest of our lives..

Profile Picture brenda, 8/15/15, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Frank did an amazing job with our wedding, everything came out perfect got so many compliments from guest on the decor and service.

Profile Picture Lupe, 8/10/14, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I came across Frank about a year ago after exhausting my efforts trying to plan my wedding. He saved me! I had no idea how much went into planning my event and so happy he made my stress disappear. He kept me in my budget, he answered every call, and made me feel comfortable. The Venue package was the most affordable and consists of absolutely everything we needed all in one! Thank you Frank for making our day a dream come true!

Salina & David

Profile Picture User4259459, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Thank you Frank for going above and beyond our expectations for our wedding. Everything in the package from the Venue location to the finished event was just perfect, ran smoothly, and the food was excellent. For all you engaged couples out there, call Frank he is your go to guy!
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bialek

Profile Picture User4222463, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Lighting & Decor, Party Supplies, Transportation, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

Frank was amazing! Apart from the things that his package didn't cover which was very minimal, I felt very stress free because all the big stuff was taken care with one person... He was awesome and runs his business very professionally... Very easy to work with and his payment plans Are very flexible and easy to work with... I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Profile Picture Damaris, 6/6/14, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I would recommend Frank to any couple looking for a budget friendly and stress free wedding.

His package includes all the details necessary for a great wedding and it is flexible so you can work with Frank to decide what you do and don't want included from the package. If there is something different that you want for your wedding, Frank is always open minded to listen to your ideas and figure out ways to make it happen.

Frank will make sure all the details of your wedding are completed/decided before your wedding day so that you will not have to worry about anything except making sure you enjoy your day of marriage.

Profile Picture User4179419, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

For anyone who is looking to have a wedding, keep on a budget, and wants personal attention, Frank is the guy for you! He was flawless! From planning to the actual wedding day, he made us feel relaxed every step of the way! Thank you Frank for making our day so happy! You and your staff are Fabulous!

Profile Picture SUE, 5/24/14, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Lighting & Decor, Party Supplies, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

We had a wonderful wedding. Frank was always helpful and went above and beyond. The ceremony and and reception were beautiful.

My only suggestion is to maybe contract a different DJ.

i just loved my wedding. Thank you Frank, Julie & Chris. : )

Profile Picture User2613406, 2+ years ago, 5 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I did not know anything about planning a wedding, nor did we have the time.
We hired Frank and we are so grateful for making our day better than i could ever imagine.
He is calm, patient and no matter how many times i emailed or him he always got back to me and never complained. He is honest and reliable but most of all very creative! His package had everything we needed which made our life stress free! By the way Our wedding package was very affordable and loved the honeymoon cash! Thank you Frank, we will plan any future events with you because your the Best!
Kelly & Mike

Profile Picture kelly, 4/4/14, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Lighting & Decor, Transportation, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

I would like to say one thing about Frank. He is Brilliant! We were so surprised on our wedding day more than we ever could dream of because Frank went above and beyond to make our day Amazing! We appreciate all the hard work he put in and his personal attention he gave us during the year of planning. Thank You Frank for everything. We love you!
Anyone looking for hands on attention, personal attention, and less stress, this is the guy for you.

Profile Picture katie, 1/25/14, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer, Event Rentals & Photobooths, Lighting & Decor, Transportation, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

My husband and I are so grateful for all the hard work Frank has done over the year, in the planning of our wedding. He went over and above what we asked for and even surprised us with extra touches of decor and lighting that we could not afford. Frank was on his feet constantly trying to make sure our guests were happy and we were taken care of personally by his staff all night. We have never seen such dedication! Thank You Frank
I could not imagine our wedding day being any more perfect!

Profile Picture Kelly, 10/12/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I love Frank for being able to take care of my most special day! It's amazing the lengths he will go to make sure everything goes perfectly (and they did) :)

Thank you Frank!

Profile Picture Jessica, 3/17/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Thank you Frank for everything you did for us on our wedding day. You did everything possible to make sure it was a day we would never forget :)

God Bless

Profile Picture Peggy, 3/3/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Top tier service at a top tier venue. Frank's staff really showed what it means to take pride in your work. They weren't there just for a paycheck, they truly want to make your day as memorable as possible. It made mine!

Profile Picture Clayton, 2/10/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

The most gorgeous weather at the most gorgeous venue, it's impossible to forget that day! Frank really knows his business and it shows when you are with him.

To Frank and his lovely staff, Thank you and God Bless :)

Profile Picture Clay, 1/27/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Having Frank and his staff take care of my wife and I on our wedding day was the best decision we could make (next to getting married!). The staff was spot on, weather was perfect, decor was amazing. We couldn't have asked for more.

Thanks to Frank and his staff!

Profile Picture Laurence, 1/13/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

We recently had the privilege of hosting our wedding at Frank's Place and my wife and I highly recommend this venue.
A few months ago, my wife and I were looking for a venue that provided amenities that fit well within our means but at the same time, not having to sacrifice the vision of our ideal wedding. This venue actually exceeded our expectations as we literally didn't have to do much planning. There was no need for shopping around as Frank and the staff took care of EVERYTHING!

Venue - The venue itself is great. Its indoor and/or outdoor access gave us the flexibility we needed to make use of the location accordingly. The venue is easy to get to and has plenty of street parking.

Decor - We got married on the 5th of Jan. and took advantage of the Winter Wonderland theme and it was truly amazing! We were all completely amazed at how beautiful the venue looked.
We also gave Frank the freedom to work his magic, his creativity and his attention to detail really hit it out of the park.

Food - Debbie is awesome! She not only made us great food that we all enjoyed, but was very nice and was easy to work with.

Cake - Very very very delicious.

Bottom line... the DJ, bartender, security, staff, caterer, and Frank were very professional and very attentive to both my wife and I, and our guests. Despite the busy lives that we have, with Frank's help... we managed to have a beautiful wedding. This venue will forever be part of us.

Thank you Frank and staff.

Profile Picture Isaac, 1/5/13, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Thank you Frank for an Amazing Wedding Day! For everyone out there looking for a perfect venue...THIS IS IT! A spectacular Venue that helps you have everything you want without spending every penny you got. The elegance, and lighting was more than words can say. Frank all your hard word paid off! Both of our families love the atmosphere especially with the new Umbrella Package which blows away the old fashion tent style.

Profile Picture kati, 12/1/12, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue