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I would definitely agree with everyone about hard to get a hold of... after calling and emailing a few times i got in the car and drove out there (after 1:00 of course since this is still a working ranch first and foremost.) We were pretty dead set on the venue not due to the location and pictures (which definitely didn't hurt) but it was were my husband and I had our first kiss and it seemed only fitting! We loved everything about the place. I love all the animals and the view is to die for especially this year with all the rain it was so green and lush! our wedding was earlier than they normally do in April so we did loose a huge chunk of guest after the dinner due to the cold but our die hards where there as long as they would allow them! we absolutely loved the place and all the guest did too. We even lucked out as earlier in the week rain was predicted through out but come Saturday not a cloud in the sky! It was perfect!

Profile Picture Lori, 4/15/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Diablo Ranch is the venue of your dreams!!! Amazing views, private feel and tons of built in charm. The Ranch hands were amazingly helpful on the wedding day. They do all of the set up, serving, break down and bar service. It is often difficult to get ahold of someone up there, but be patient and it will all come together!

Profile Picture User4053812, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

AMAZING location! The views are stunning and the price is very affordable. It was initially very difficult to get in touch with the sales reps at the venue, but once booked the service from the staff on our wedding day was truly above and beyond.

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Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

They were willing to try to do what ever it is you need to accommmodate your needs, they are a little slow on getting back to you on the phone. The area has great views in the evening.

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Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My niece and husband were married here what a beautiful rustic venue. The sunset in the back ground was breath taking and the picture were spectacular. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Kimmie and staff were great at taking care of last minute needs and wishs. Flowers were wilted and the staff all got together and made new fresh ones just before the wedding and they turned out great. Thank you Kimmie and crew. I would recomend Diablo Ranch if you are looking for an outdoor venue.

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Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

I had my wedding here a few weeks ago and it was great. The view is wonderful and Kim and the staff are so helpful. They were able to set up everything the way I wanted it and were accommodating to the things I wanted that were not normally done. The night before the wedding, Kim even made curtains to match the canopy put up over the dance floor. Definitely check this place out!

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Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I had our Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Reception at Diablo Ranch the last weekend of June. The ranch is an absolutely breathtaking venue to get married or, like us, just host the dinner events. After four months of research, this was the very first venue that we visited and we knew as soon as we were there that this was the place for us. We booked the venue 15 months ahead of our wedding day, even before we had pinned down a church. We knew we wanted our reception to have that laid-back, comfortable, backyard feel with the twinkle-lit trees. This venue was perfect: stunning both during the day and night! A working cattle ranch, not a venue set up to look like one. Everything down from the reclaimed wooden bar to Champ the ox is authentic. We had so many guests come up to us and ask us "How did you find this place?"
We met with Kim only twice before the actually wedding: first when we looked at the venue, and second when we signed the contract. Like other brides have stated before, it was very difficult to get a hold of any one in the months between that and the wedding. Kim is a busy woman, so we completely understood. When April joined the team, that gave us someone really dedicated to assisting with our event coordination. We live out of state and so we had to plan out wedding from long distance. We opted not to hire a wedding planner and researched and planned pretty much everything for the wedding. But the entire ranch staff really helped make it come together on the days of and were terrific when it came to setting up. Kim told me exactly what I needed and what I didn't need to bother spending money on which helped us on saving money. Since the trees were already lit, we didn't have to bring in much lighting. And we didn't have to spend thousands on big, busy flower arrangements. I thought about buying cute rustic decorations like chalk boards, wooden signs, banners etc but I realized that they were unnecessary. Allowing us flexibility of renting the venue for the whole weekend saved us money. The ranch’s rental fee was remarkable compared to other venues we researched and considering everything that you get with the ranch.
For the Friday welcome dinner, a San Francisco taco truck catered our event. It ended up showing up an hour late because it got lost on the way (for some reason, Google Maps does not always locate the ranch) and didn't know how to find its way up the mountain. April took it upon herself to drive down the mountain, locate the truck and lead it up to the ranch. We had the dinner area set up with picnic tables and benches, which made for a nice casual first night.
For the Reception, the transformation was amazing! We had 13 formal guest tables for 103 guests set up under the oak trees. April arranged for heat lamps to be brought in for our events (we split the cost with another wedding party who was getting married their on Sunday). We again had some logistical issues getting the wedding party and guests to the ranch, but once we were all there, it was perfect and all the vendors worked together to make the night go perfectly. Kim set up a blackjack table for those guests who were not much into dancing. We worked with Carried Dove Catering, who Kim recommended to us and who had done events at the ranch previously, which was definitely a plus. We were very fortunate to have perfect weather for both events. And Kim and her staff really made sure that both the bride and groom were happy, made sure we ate food and had a drink in hand (although we never did get the plate of roasted pig that was saved for us). They really made sure that we were taken care of. We remained at the ranch until about 2:30am. The morning after, they already had most everything that we had left the night before already packed in boxes for us to pick up.
We were so proud of having Diablo Ranch host our wedding events and felt like everyone at the ranch was part of my family that weekend. We hope to visit the ranch the next time we are in town to give our personal thanks.
(Some notes: Shuttles are able to make it up to the ranch, just make sure you research well and choose a reputable company. And make sure they shuttles take the Northgate side up the mountain, not the Southgate side.
Be patient with the Ranch. It may be frustrating at times if you are unable to get an answer from anyone, but they make up for it in the end and to me, it was all worth it.
I think the word is getting out about the Ranch, so book as far in advance as possible.
Kim has some reception items which you may not need to rent from your caterer. This will save you some money.
There is one main bathroom, and one second bathroom a short walk away from the reception area. I was told the ranch is working on building another bathroom, which will be really good for future parties. The current two bathrooms were fine for our amount of guests, may be an issue for a bigger party.
Even at the end of June, the heat lamps were necessary. However, I was told this was unusual for this time of year.
The sunset is awesome for pictures. Make sure your photographer does a sunset session!)

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Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

This venue is great. We had our wedding there recently and everything was fabulous. We looked at several venues in the Walnut Creek/Concord area and the cost of this venue is comparable, if not cheaper. We thought it would be absurd to be stuck in an indoor banquet hall/reception center when there is such beautiful outdoor scenery here in the east bay. The setting is awesome with wonderful views from Mount Diablo. After dark, the lights in the trees really make for an elegant setting. The staff at Diablo Ranch are really friendly and will go out of their way to make everything go as smoothly as possible. You can bring whatever caterer you want and bring your own alcohol, which really saved us a lot of money. The setting for the rehearsal dinner was incredible and the staff did an awesome job on this also. I almost wish we could have another wedding there. The only problem that I heard from guests was that the gate was locked at the bottom of the mountain when they tried to leave. We did pay for someone to let people out after the wedding, but I guess they hadn't made it down there yet.

Profile Picture Matt, 8/6/11, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Unique Services (Other)
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Spectacular venue for reception and ceremony-- a setting with character and charm that your friends and family will remember. Plenty of flexibility for persons (like us) who had family and friends in the catering, wine and music businesses. You get to choose who you want to provide services, and are not restricted to some approved vendor list. Plus, no limit on hours and they provide a lot of set up and break down services. Get a good photographer, our photos are superb! It was sometimes difficult to get a hold of staff in the planning phases but I had read about this from another reviewer and so was not worried and allowed myself time if I needed answers back. They did get back to me, just not always right away, partly due to their issues with internet and telephone service which would sometimes go out because of their remote location on the mountain. They did deliver though and everything was perfect!

Profile Picture Debbie, 6/11/11, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

We had our wedding here in early October 2010 (we had approximately 85 people, but the site could hold much more than this). This is an amazing location to have a wedding:

1. The view, scenery, and atmosphere make the event beautiful. Because of the location everything you add to it (rentals, flowers, etc.) just amplifies the beauty. On top of that you don’t have to add as much because the location is already so gorgeous.

2. The staff go out of their way to make your event special and a success. There was a mix-up with the aisle runner from the caterer; when I mentioned it to Kim she promptly said “we can fix that”. After the caterer and DJ ended, Kim and her team took over the bar and brought out a fire pit for us to roast marshmallows – we were there until about 2am!

3. The is no limit to what you can do. You can pick all of your own vendors – there are no restrictions. Also, if you want to do something extra all you need to do is ask. We had a DJ and a photobooth – there were no issues with outlets or plugs. I added extra twinkle lights over the dance floor, vines over the entrance gate, tea lights at the entry and around the pool, and flowers in the pool – Kim and her team were key in helping to set most of this up. Also, we got the whole weekend – rental delivery on Friday, the option to have the rehearsal dinner at the site, unlimited hours the night of the wedding, and rental pick-up on Monday.

4. The cost to rent the site is very reasonable for everything that you get (including how flexible they are).

There are a couple of other things I also want to comment on based on other reviews.

1. Responsiveness: A couple of months before the wedding I did find it difficult to get in touch with Kim, however when it came to the 2 months before the wedding she was extremely responsive and accommodating. I would recommend having a meeting with all of your key vendors (caterer, florist, etc.) and Kim 2 months before the wedding at Diablo Ranch to walk the site, finalize rentals and where everything will be located. This also allows all of your vendors to begin communicating with each other if they have questions.

2. Rentals: When you are planning out the cost of booking at Diablo Ranch, do not decrease your rentals cost (tables, glasses, etc.) because of what is at the site; though Kim is willing to let you use some tables and tableware, there ultimately was not enough and it would have been more confusing to use a combination of rentals and non-rentals. The serving tables that Kim has are very useful.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Diablo Ranch! It is a fabulous location with great group of people to work with!

Profile Picture Lily, 10/2/10, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

The view and the outdoor setting sealed the deal for us. Our first few meetings/interactions with the wedding coordinator left us feeling a bit uneasy and I would strongly urge anyone considering this location to be very, very patient. They were very accommodating and flexible in the sense that there are really no rules or restrictions - great for us! But if you are the type of people that like a certain amount of responsiveness and professionalism just be fore-warned. I'm not saying necessarily to go elsewhere but I would tell anyone who asks to be fore-warned.

Pros: View, view and view; pool/water feature, romantic lighted trees, rustic feel, included valet service, no restrictions on noise and hard liquor bar, no timelimits

Cons: Hilly drive to the location, the terrain makes the table arrangements/seating chart very difficult, one person restroom (with a back-up restroom away from the main building), power issues (using a band with dj set-up)

Profile Picture Vanessa, 9/25/10, 8 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

There is no better place to have a wedding! My wedding was MAGICAL!!! I was able to have the whole weekend to use exactly the way I wanted. Kim and all of her staff were there to assist me with anything and everything I wanted! It was definitely MY DAY! Or should I say.. MY EVENT! My rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception all in the same place!
First off, the scenery was breathtaking! Made for fantastic pictures and it gave everyone that came 'an event to remember'.
Second off,The Crew That Made It All Happen! Kim and her Crew were sooo accomodating! And I know I couldn't have made that easy! My way has never been the 'easy way', but everyone there made it so very easy for me to do it any way I chose. Even when I changed my mind at the last minute(a few times!), they bent over backwards to make it happen! And they did make it happen!
Third off, My reception was loud and happy and full of beautiful people! We can be a handful to say the least! They let the reception continue until it was DONE! What I mean by that is until we were done! And that wasn't until almost sunrise!
I could go on and on and on.... but my advise if you want the perfect place for a very Magical Event...This is the place 'Diablo Ranch Events'

Profile Picture Anne, 9/11/10, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Diablo Ranch is a slice of heaven on earth. sitting atop the Mt it offers breathtaking views and majestic sunsets. The staff was extremely accomodating to meeting every request, which allowed us to have our day exactly the way we imagined. The flexibilty to feel "at home" and the freedom of no time restrictions which always are such a drag when the party is hopping. The motto here is the party isn't over till you want it to be, and in this "me first" "hurry up" world it is so refreshing to not be rushed. The memories from this day will last a lifetime... thanks to all in making my dreams come true.

Profile Picture suzanne, 7/11/10, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

absolutly breathtaking!

Profile Picture barb, 8/8/09, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning

great over all, didn't like caterer but not her fault.

Profile Picture Sara, 4/19/08, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue