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Another great example of how a "photographer" is trying to gain business with images that are stolen from other real photographers. It's a shame that we even have to talk about this issue, but it does exist and it's taking new levels by each if this fraudster. Brides and grooms, please keep looking. If you like the images here, go and find the original source and ask them instead. Brian, shame on you!

Profile Picture Tee, 9/2/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Photo Thieves. Using other photographers samples as their own.

See the full story on http://stopstealingphotos.com/amorie-photography-aka-photo-pros-phoenix-az/

Profile Picture User4370750, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Photography

This fraud populates his online websites with wedding images he steals from other much better photographers to lure couples to hire him. He is a thief and a fraud and is featured on www.stopstealingphotos.com

Profile Picture User4366813, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Brian from Amorie Photography, photographed our Wedding in February, we received our pictures within 2 weeks, what a surprise! Our Pictures were beautiful, and they did not cost us a lot of money. Only $800.00

We had a great time at the wedding, with no stress pictures, and we received a free DVD with the copyright. What a deal

Brandy Oliver

Profile Picture Brandy, 2/9/13, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

I got good pictures for what I paid them. I do have the same complaint as other reviewers...no direction regarding photos you want taken. I only have 1 picture of me and my Matron of Honor and it was really washed out...more direction would have been nice.

I also paid for the package that also had prints included...the thing that disappoints me most is when I got my prints back there was the proof sheet from COSTCO mixed in with my prints! I could have saved even more money & printed my own pictures.

I got a lot of good pictures for what I paid, however if I paid someone else a little more I feel I could have gotten great pictures...

Profile Picture Christine, 9/10/11, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

First, I would like to say that The Photo Pros have the cheapest and most reasonable prices from what I could find. I noticed that several people advertise on Craigslist with cheaper rates, but those are usually the ones who could not provide a website or sample pictures upon request. Therefore, if the budget does not allot for more, The Photo Pros are probably your best bet.

With that being said, I truly felt like their services were a let down. My fiance and I had a consultation with Brian and Kate at Panera Bread. We exchanged the proper paperwork and signed the contract. We told them what shots were important to us (mainly as many as possible of our son who was the ring bearer). They then gave us a handout of the shots they usually take. They informed us to have someone in charge of telling Brian and Kate what additional shots we would like. I happened to be this person for our wedding since I only had one certain location and shot that was not included on their list. About a week out from the wedding, I spoke with Brian again to verify that everything was handled on our end, he said everything is taken care of and ready to go.

Wedding Day:
Major complaints: Unprofessional/Rude; Not Knowledgable; No Directions; Two taking Pictures at the EXACT same time; Incomplete Order/ Not Quick to Resolve

Several times Kate was very brash with the people who mean the most to me. At one point, My mom and sister/Matron of Honor were told "Ladies, I need you to move" without any sort of pleasantry. They were merely going to be in a family shot...

They were unknowledgable in that they did not know to give certain feedback: Some pictures were taken directly following my fiance at the time and I seeing each other for the first time that day. All of them I am holding my train up in and not once did the photographers bother to tell me that my entire pettiskirt was showing, not my dress. They also did not mention to people who had transition glasses that turn into sunglasses outside that they might want to take them off (Luckily my dad finally realized it himself- unfortunately not until after the ceremony).

It was like pulling to teeth to get them to tell us who should be in which pictures to make sure we got them all. I finally had to attempt this, but I'm not a photographer so it did not accomplish much.

From reading a previous review, they will deny the following. The photographers take most pictures at the EXACT same time. That means that people are not looking at the same camera! Several crucial shots have me looking at one camera and my fiance at the other. Even more ironic is that a few guests took pictures and they captured a couple of these moments. So, maybe one photographer is better than two...

One major concern is that my ceremony was outdoors. And yes, it was quite hot. We were told that we were going to take a break from pictures and then go back out to the cute patio area RIGHT outside the doorway. Next thing I know the photographers changed their mind and said we were not going back outside and instead taking them against a blank tan wall in the reception site. Electrical outlets and all showed up in our pictures! Not gorgeous I can assure you. There was no reason that they couldn't take them right outside the door and cool off between shots or stand in the doorway to take them, especially after telling us that we would take the rest of them outside.

Finally, we were told that our DVDs of images would arrive within 3 weeks. The first disk did after they mailed it first class and arrived in one day. The second disk that we paid $12 for at the same time as signing our contract, did not arrive. I emailed and they said they would get it right out. Then, a week later they emailed saying it was returned to them damaged from the post office. It took over four weeks to complete our order. The kicker is that we wanted the disks at the exact same time as a thank you to my parents for paying for most of the wedding. We could have made the copy ourselves as soon as it arrived but decided that we would buy a copy to save us some time.

Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe I was expecting more based on their portfolio and the way they presented themselves. However, this is simply the truth of the matter. If you would like me to send you a few pictures that they took to help you decide, just email me: jrm32970@ucmo.edu

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Profile Picture Jessica, 7/10/11, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Brian & Kate Lawliss are amazing photographers. They have been in the business a long time. They love what they do and have fun doing it. We had a great time working with them. They have a great eye for catching the best shots. They are very professional but also have a very kind side to them that will make you think you have known them all your life. If your looking for a Wedding Photographer that offers great rates, rights to your photos, and overall top notch service, then contact them, you won't be disappointed.

Mike & Maggie

Profile Picture Michael, 3/19/11, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

The Photos Pros are really nice people. They had 3 photographers at our wedding and reception. However, my husband and I felt as though they didn't give us alot of direction when taking our photos. It was confusing at times because both Brian and Kate would stand in front of our wedding party to to take photos at the same time and you couldn't tell who your focus should be on so in alot of the pictures some of ou wedding party is looking at the camera and some are looking away at the other camera. It was weird that they would both try to take photos at the same time. Also we felt as though we had to tell them what photos of our wedding party to take. I asked the younger lady photographer to take photos of my wedding shoes and she assured me she had already taken the photos of my shoes..but when the prints came back she had not taken any! They did not take any photos of the wedding party head table at our reception prior to the reception or at the recepton and that was strange to me as well. Overall they provide a good price for their service, just make sure you take the time and provide them with a detailed list of the photos you want taken and give them this direction prior to your event so you don't miss out on any photos you want captured.

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Profile Picture Traci, 10/23/10, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

Wow, these Photographers are great, yet simple. They knew just when, where, to be at the right time. Their prices are the best in KC.
They had three photographers at our wedding for the price most charge for just one. Kate & Lee came into my bridal suite, and knew just what I wanted, pictures of, all the while Brian was out taking pics of the Gents.
Thank you Brian & Kate for such a wonderful Job.


Profile Picture Lia, 9/3/10, 1 Review
Category: Photography

An affordable photographer, but you will find that more money would have gotten you better pictures. Some of ours came out blurry, had shadows in them, etc. We are happy with some of them, but we also see what our friends get when they spend the extra money, and we regret not spending it.
Again, the price is nice, but the quality of the pictures is not the best.

Profile Picture Joseph, 9/3/10, 1 Review
Category: Photography

They were wonderful. We had 3 photographers for our entire event! After about 5 min, we were so comfortable with them, we didn't even notice. They moved the group shots through very efficiently, and the price cannot be beat! We have the copyright to make more, or can order off a website, this works great for family to get whatever they want too. We highly recommend them.

Profile Picture Julia, 3/7/10, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

We got our engagement and wedding pictures in one well priced package.

Profile Picture Miranda, 5/9/09, 7 Reviews
Category: Photography

This photographer was just what I needed, an event photographer. Most up the price 250% when you say "wedding" but that was not the case with them. They also provide a High Resolution DVD of all the images with all of the copyright rights. This was perfect for me because I do graphic design and can make a lot of edits myself. I would recommend them to anyone that doesn't want cheesy over-the-top overpriced photography. Also, they brought three photographers, so I will have lots of angles and shots to choose from.

Profile Picture Caroline, 9/13/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

Just make sure they know exactly what pictures you want. A very detailed list is great.

Profile Picture Coila, 5/3/08, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography