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Michael and Georgia are amazing! Not only are they extremely talented in all aspects of filmmaking, they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. My husband and I got a highlights video, an extended 15-minute video, and cuts of the speeches and ceremony. What we really liked about them is that they had us come in to do an in-studio interview, which added a layer of personalization that we hadn't seen in other wedding videos. They were able to tell the story of our relationship while highlighting all the important moments of the wedding, which just made it that much more touching and special. Everyone who viewed the videos said they brought tears to their eyes. They have an incredible artistic sensibility and captured very creative shots with unique angles and vantage points. Most importantly, they are masterful storytellers, probably sifting through hours of footage to pull just the right quotes from speeches, vows, and interviews to tell a complete story--in just over 3 minutes! Can't speak highly enough of them, definitely recommend their services!

Profile Picture Kelly, 6/28/14, 6 Reviews
Category: Videography

We were very impressed with their previous work as shown in their website that lead to our consultation meeting with Georgia and Michael. We were immediately hooked and decided to hire them. BEST DECISION EVER! We had a lot of ooh’s, aah’s, wow’s, tears and laughter from us and our friends & fam, all these emotions under 5 min when they were showing the Same-Day Edit at the reception. We could never think of any other better way to present our love story, even I myself never imagined it to be that awesome and creative! We received a lot of compliments from our guests and they said it was like a trailer of a romantic movie. The quality of their work is top-notch and they are really the BEST at what they do & reasonably priced! You’ll be surprised at how much they charge for the quality they give you! Aside from delivering quality, their team is also very personable, easy and fun to work with. Very accommodating, responded to all our queries and requests promptly, very flexible and timely on the wedding day, worked with all of our other vendors smoothly with utmost professionalism at all times! Everything was very natural and fun, there was never a time we felt rushed, they were quick to find the best ways/angles to film your BIG day the most beautiful way possible. l, who don’t really like being taken videos of, was very impressed with their work and for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed watching us and our love story unfold through their work. I have probably watched the SDE hundreds of times and it still feels like the first time. Whenever I miss our wedding day and the people who were there, I just go to their vimeo site and watch it--priceless! Go to their website and see for yourself. I can go on and on with how exciting it was for us to work with the Georgia and Michael but you will never really find out how it really feels to be catered by Alumiq until you get an appointment. Call now! You are seriously missing out if you don't hire ALUMIQ!!!

Profile Picture Joanna Riza, 5/23/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Videography

Best videographer team out there! They were really good at replying all of our email up until our big day. They even took us out on dinner to get to know us a little better. They are also easy to get along with and we felt really comfortable working with them.

Thank you Alumiq for being awesome team!!!

Profile Picture User3099000, 2+ years ago, 2 Reviews
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We never imagined that someone could take the many parts of our special day and piece it together into such a beautiful story. Georgia and Michael of Alumiq captured the moments in an artistic way that we will always cherish. Their cinematography and video editing added a layer of quality that exceeded every expectation. Our wedding was hectic, but Georgia and Michael were organized, professional and patient. We highly recommend Alumiq.

Profile Picture Wilson, 9/14/13, 2 Reviews
Category: Videography

Michael and Georgia from alumiq productions ARE FANTASTIC!!!! We met with them a few times to discuss pricing and the wedding details. They were so understanding that the bride was a bit shy when it came to being on camera and they made it super easy!
Andre and I LOVE our wedding video! Our families are still talking about the highlights and the full video! The quality is amazing and every scene pulled into the video was so moving. Felt like we were in the moment all over again.
I would recommend them to anyone getting married as they are lovely people who truly care about the quality of their work.

Profile Picture Kristy, 6/1/13, 1 Review
Category: Videography

They guys at Alumiq provided us with a Same Day Edit on the day of my wedding. During the day of my wedding crew was friendly, respectful and very easy to work with. I could tell that they took the time and effort in producing a quality product.
Later that night, the film that was result of the full day/nights were was nothing short of pure art. All I saw across faces of the guest were smiles and even some tears.
Thank you Alumiq for making my most special day even that more special.
Would recommend them any day.

Profile Picture Dan, 5/25/13, 9 Reviews
Category: Videography

From a guy's prospective

If you, like most people including myself, are on the fence about the necessity of a videographer and the value they bring to the table, then this review is for you.

Having a wedding is freaking EXPENSIVE, and everything costs an arm and a leg. Naturally, all couples need to be conscious of the ballooning cost by deciding where to splurge their money and where to cut down on spending. Needless to say, with the multitude of vendors and options, the decision to decide on where to cut down spending can be a daunting task.

With all that being said, one of the BEST decision we made in the process was to hire Alumiq Productions. Notice here I said "Alumiq Productions" instead of just any old videographer.

Alumiq Productions not only help you capture your entire day for you to savor at a later date like conventional videographers, but they manage to incorporate the footage into your actual wedding through options such as their "same day edit" and "love story" options. These options add a real personal touch to the entire experience that can not be achieved through any amount of photos, and are worth their weight in gold and an absolute necessity if you ask me.

I had so many friends and family compliment me on the great work of Alumiq on and after the wedding date asking for referrals. Considering their very reasonable cost and the excellent quality of their work, I would venture to guess their schedule would be booked up months in advance.

My advice, give them a call right now and lock in their services before it's too late

Profile Picture Randy, 9/1/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other), Videography

Our wedding turned out to be everything we could have imagined and more, and fortunately for us Michael and his team from Alumiq did an absolutely spectacular job of capturing every memorable moment of our special day. The professional quality of the videography and the meticulousness to detail in the editing are evident in every single scene, and we have been receiving endless compliments from our family and friends. Our wedding videos were truly movie-quality cinematographic masterpieces! We even received the wedding DVDs in a high-quality custom keepsake box and in personalized cases highlighted with our wedding pictures. We believe there is no production company more qualified than Alumiq for providing the absolute best in videography.

Profile Picture Effie, 6/10/12, 1 Review
Category: Videography

I can't write anything differently from what the other reviews have already written. To keep my review as short and simple as possible, I'd just implore you to visit their website and see for yourself their sample videos. The one thing to splurge on is definitely video (and photography). It's worth every penny!!! Read on for details.

Here are just a few things that captured my attention in deciding to book Alumiq:
- Their cinematography is top notch (comparable to any music video you see on MTV)
- Their style matched our style. Comedic yet serious during moments when necessary. Many viewers cried and laughed both at the same time. That, I believe, takes skills.
- Their flexibility to work with a style that fits our personality. Great insight to reading people. If you have an idea, they'll incorporate it and make it happen. If not, they'll think of something unique for you anyway. They strategically take your events and amplify it by 10 to make the viewer relive the entire day again.
- Reasonable prices given the quality and value of the end product.
- Same Day Edit - a must have that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is a new trend which every couple should have.
- Very nice people to work with.

Granted there are a few competitors out there that may offer the same products and services. Keep in mind that I searched tons of different wedding videographers/cinematographers online and viewed so many sample videos but I found myself yet always drawn to Alumiq's work in the end.

Do yourself a favor and stop researching to save yourself some time and energy. Book Alumiq....you won't regret it. Then check this one off your to-do list. =)

Profile Picture Celine, 6/9/12, 1 Review
Category: Videography

My husband and I are so glad we used Alumiq for our wedding. I found them online and I am so happy that I did. They are truly amazing and talented. Michael was so great to work with. They were so discrete and professional throughout the wedding day, and were able to capture every moment and more. They provided us with a beautiful 25 minute wedding film with unbelievable edits and voice overs, a 4 minute highlight film, plus uncut speeches and ceremony. I am so happy to have a wedding video I am actually proud of and want to show everyone! :)

Profile Picture Nicole, 3/25/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Videography

We would have made a huge mistake if we didn't book Alumiq (Anthony + Josh)--and it almost didn't happen. It's an unfortunate fact, but videography is often sacrificed to reduce wedding costs. In some ways, I have my parents to thank for ensuring we didn't overlook documenting our wedding on video.

From start to finish, our communications with Josh and Anthony were always pleasant and prompt--our family members even remarked on how pleasant they were to work with.

Josh and Anthony are very sweet people who are enthusiastic about their work--they were incognito the entire wedding day and kept out of everyone's way, but somehow managed to capture all of the important moments we remembered (e.g. speeches, groom lapdance!) and many we would have missed.

We were one of those couples who thought we'd watch our video maybe twice in our lives--when we received our highlight video, it REALLY surpassed our expectations. As of writing this post, I may have watched our highlight video over 50 times and I can't help but crack a smile when I see my husband getting ready.

Before we received Alumiq's version, we saw raw footage from various relatives and there appeared to be a disconnect from our positive experiences with what we were watching. Not to worry--subsequently, we've received our full length video, and the feeling evoked from watching it was much more concordant with how we felt that day and they were very open to input through the editing process.

Do not overlook video documentation of your wedding--my husband and I both feel strongly that Alumiq's work is something we will proudly show to our children one day. A big thanks to Huey Le for recommending Alumiq!

Profile Picture Ashley, 2/13/10, 6 Reviews
Category: Videography