We create technology that helps millions of people plan the most important events of their lives.
Come join the fun.
Meet our Team

We are ping pong masters, scotch connoisseurs, world travelers, video game masters, interior designers, poker players, athletes, fashionistas, foodies, yogi's and more.

We solve challenging problems, build beautiful products, create scalable infrastructure, and have fun while doing it. Most importantly, we get to utilize our skills to enhance technology for the wedding industry. Whether you are the bride, groom, a wedding guest, in the bridal party, a wedding photographer, venue, caterer, planner or florist, we create tools that help orchestrate the most important day of the engaged couple's life together.

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Our mantra is simple: try new things, fail fast, fail often, but always fail forward. Our mission? We make weddings better.
Software Engineering

At night, we dream in code. But during the day, you'll find us hacking in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C (iOS), and Java (Android). We also use awesome services like Git, AWS, Travis CI, Code Climate, and New Relic. So if you love playing with these amazing toys, come join us.

Product Design

We work hard to create elegant products that people love to use. To do that, we dream big and turn complex workflows into simple, intuitive experiences. So if you love delighting users with beautiful products, come join us.

Quality Assurance

We make sure our products are fully-baked and delivered with high-quality, every time. To do that, we have to understand complex requirements and verify constantly-changing software in a ludicrous-speed environment. So if you love tinkering and testing stuff, come join us.

Data Engineering

We extract vast amounts of data from dozens of sources and combine them into a gigantic, usable data warehouse to be utilized by everyone in the Company. It's a really tough job, but we thrive in dealing with big data problems, complex transformations, and cross-platform syncing. So if you love acronyms like SQL, ETL, and BI, come join us.

Team Structure

We're big believers in "less is more". This means we organize ourselves into small teams that bring together software engineers, product designers, quality assurance engineers, and data engineers to build new things. Each team member is expected to excel in their role and contribute great things to every project. We use JIRA to track progress, and sit close together in an open office space to improve collaboration and communication.

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Our Mobile UX Trifecta: Images, Leads, Reviews

When you shop on your phone, what kind of product information is important to you? What actions do you want to take in relation to the product? And what features of the mobile app or mobile site help you make a decision? These are the questions...
Using Font Icons and Making Your Own

So by now you’ve probably heard of font icons but, in case you’ve been away for the past couple years, let me tell you about them. Font icons are a way of importing and using a library of icons all within the same font file. They’ve been gaining...
Migrating From Sprockets to SASS Directives Solved All of My Problems

The title is obviously a slight exaggeration, but it did result in significant improvements and optimizations to a bunch of RSpec and Cucumber tests that I was maintaining. Faster RSpec and Cucumber test suite execution Simpler style debugging...