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About Written By The Light Photograpy

Written By The Light Photography is an experienced wedding photography company located in Culver City, California. Founded in 2002, their years spent in the industry have given them the skills needed to capture beautiful wedding images. Their passion for photography alongside their photojournalistic and vintage styles will allow them to beautifully preserve every moment of your wedding day.

Services Offered
Written By The Light Photography offers plenty of photography services for your wedding day. Their most popular package features high-resolution images, a second shooter and toning. Willing to travel to your wedding destination, they can capture your special day no matter where it takes place. With options like additional hours, you can have peace of mind knowing that every detail is covered. The company makes your wedding their sole priority by booking only one event per day. Additional services Written By The Light Photography offers include:

  • Boudoir sessions
  • Wedding portraits
  • Engagement sessions
  • Multiple locations
  • Albums
  • Prints
  • Digital files

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Regions serviced: Los Angeles

3 Reviews for Written By The Light Photograpy

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Really professional photographer with professional toning technique, basically can make simple photos become dramatic and seems like can be cherished forever! You will get much more than what you pay!

Profile Picture Miranda, 8/27/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Written By The Light hands down the best part of our wedding next to actually getting married. Lamb is a gorgeous photographer. The photos. My god. Simply stunning and beautiful. Every photo looks like a classical oil painting. We get soooooo many compliments on them!! Their work is fantastic, the other reviews are real. This is the best photographic team and if they're available, you want them!

Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Photo of Written By The Light Photograpy in Culver City, CA
Profile Picture Yalin, 7/1/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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