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Creator and Author of the Wine, Box, and Love Letter Ceremony

Wedding of Your Desire is a wedding officiant service based in Malden, Massachusetts. Carol J. Merletti, the officiant, is a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace and ordained minister who is licensed to officiate all types of weddings. Ever since she began offering her services to weddings in 2004, Carol has officiated over 1,030 weddings throughout Massachusetts, providing countless ceremonies that couples and their guests will always cherish. Carol is also the creator and author of the Wine, Box, and Love Letter Ceremony. She weds couples in a variety of ceremonies, including civil unions, non-religious, single religion, interfaith, and vow renewals.

Services Offered
Wedding of Your Desire provides customized vows for couples, as well as individual guidance from the beginning to end of the special day. Carol also offers counseling services before the wedding day. Carol weds couples of all religions, sexual orientations, and cultures, and is happy to incorporate pets and any personal requests into the ceremony.

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Regions serviced: Boston, Springfield, Cape Cod

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Carol was great we had our wedding at Fenway Park during the Yankees game. Every one on FB live loved the ceremony and our friends there loved it as well and Carol sat with us after and talked to everyone. The next day my friends were asking for Carol's info for friends. All and all a great night.

Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Photo of Wedding of Your Desire in Malden, MA
Profile Picture Joseph, 8/2/18, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

Carol helpeds us make the experience very personal and enjoyable. She asked for our preference and really made the day how we wanted it. On the day, she checked in with us constantly to make sure we were doing well, telling us it was Ok to take a deep breath before proceeding etc. She was truly amazing to work with.

Profile Picture T, 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Carol is wonderful. She is an absolute professional with a great personality. I cant say enough kind words about her.

Carol of Wedding of your Desire makes you feel like an old friend. She personalizes her wording, so you feel like she's known you forever! She was a pleasure to work with at wedding I had for one of my couples at the Old State House in Boston. I always rave & refer her to any of my couples who are looking for a unique & fantastic officiate.

Carol is a wonderful wedding officiate, she creates a beautiful personal wedding for you.

Justice Carol Merletti is very caring and sweet… and a true professional. She adores what she does and I would so highly recommend her! She was there for me with open arms when I first became a Justice of the Peace and I will always have her in my heart. Carol is one of the best there is! ~~Justice of the Peace Carol Roberts~


45 Lillian Road, Malden, MA 02148   See On Map
857-302-0769 (phone)
Wedding of Your Desire is a wedding officiant from Massachusetts. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Boston, North Shore, and anywhere in Massachusetts. Wedding of Your Desire is a professional wedding officiant that has been part of the Massachusetts wedding industry for eight years. We specialize in marrying couples from every religion under the sun! To-date, I have married over 700 couples, all over Massachusetts.