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Wedding Cake specialists serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Founded in 1999 by owner David Behnam, Unique Bakery has been providing its customers in the neighborhoods of Burke and Springfield Virginia, as well as all over the east coast United States with a variety of European pastries as well as good old American favorites.

With over 30 years of experience as a pastry chef studying all over the world from Central Asia and westward, David is proud to share with you the wonderful recipes that he has come to create and master.  Our confectionary creations always make every special occasion a "unique" and memorable one.

Categories: Wedding Cake

Regions serviced: Washington DC

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My wedding cake was very delicious. I didn’t want a super sweet cake and I let him know that. He made it perfectly and added some red roses on top to go with my theme. Would highly recommend.

Profile Picture Narges , 4/28/18, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

This was the tastiest wedding cake I have ever eaten. It was also very beautiful, elegant, and affordable. We are very pleased with the quality and service. Thank you very much.

Profile Picture Rana, 12/17/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

Everyone LOVED the cake! Unique Bakery did a wonderful job throughout the entire process. The owner was very responsiveness and made the entire process incredibly easy. When we went for our tasting, he had the cakes ready for us to try and then left us to try them without hovering, which made it seem much less intimidating. We loved how easy going he was. The cake was set up beautifully at the wedding and tasted wonderful - all of the guests were raving. We would highly recommend Unique Bakery! It was also a great value for the area and the quality of the cake.

Profile Picture Katie, 8/12/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Custom Design, Delivery, Setup, Private Tastings

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220x220 sq 1365089502847 weddingcake225
220x220 sq 1365089507936 weddingcake226
220x220 sq 1365089511316 weddingcake227
220x220 sq 1365089513364 weddingcake228
220x220 sq 1365089516378 weddingcake229
220x220 sq 1365089519247 weddingcake230
220x220 sq 1365089521899 weddingcake231
220x220 sq 1365089524716 weddingcake232
220x220 sq 1365089529702 weddingcake233
220x220 sq 1365089534223 weddingcake234
220x220 sq 1365089539254 weddingcake235
220x220 sq 1365089546772 weddingcake236
220x220 sq 1365089551755 weddingcake237
220x220 sq 1365089556018 weddingcake238
220x220 sq 1365089562022 weddingcake239
220x220 sq 1365089566568 weddingcake240
220x220 sq 1365089571588 weddingcake241
220x220 sq 1365089576610 weddingcake242
220x220 sq 1365089582137 weddingcake243
220x220 sq 1365089588158 weddingcake244
220x220 sq 1365089594411 weddingcake245
220x220 sq 1365089599698 weddingcake246
220x220 sq 1365089602848 weddingcake247
220x220 sq 1365089606244 weddingcake248
220x220 sq 1365089609174 weddingcake249
220x220 sq 1365089615292 weddingcake250
220x220 sq 1365089620094 weddingcake251
220x220 sq 1365089624070 weddingcake252
220x220 sq 1365089630272 weddingcake253
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220x220 sq 1365090266182 weddingcake296
220x220 sq 1365090270203 weddingcake297
220x220 sq 1365090273811 weddingcake298
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220x220 sq 1365090280224 weddingcake300
220x220 sq 1365090284649 weddingcake301
220x220 sq 1365090288753 weddingcake302
220x220 sq 1365090290832 weddingcake303

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Unique Bakery makes THE best tasting cakes I've ever had. They made our wedding cake and we see them at many weddings that we photograph. Everyone is always pleased with their service and I highly recommend them to anyone needing any cakes.


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