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The Music Concierge is a greater Cincinnati-based wedding DJ service. They are a boutique mobile DJ and photo booth service that takes pride in the extraordinary work they provide. They listen to you and hear your music vision to ensure they provide entertainment that matches what you are looking for. The Music Concierge is ready to provide fun entertainment to keep your guest on their feet and dancing the night away. They have served at over 500 events and have won the Wedding Wire Couples Choice award every year since 2012.

Services Offered
The Music Concierge offers a variety of DJ services for couples to choose from when planning their wedding day. These services and equipment include:

  • Consultation
  • Do-not-play list
  • Karaoke
  • Liability insurance
  • MC
  • Video projection
  • Flat screen
  • Microphones
  • Photo booth
  • Sound/PA system
  • Uplighting


Other Services
In addition to the above wedding-related DJ services, The Music Concierge has a large collection of music genres that couples can choose from when planning their day. These music genres include:

  • Christian
  • Club
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop
  • Indie
  • International
  • Jazz
  • Oldies
  • Pop
  • R&B/Soul
  • Rock
  • Top 40

Categories: Wedding DJ, Wedding Rental

Regions serviced: Cincinnati

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Anthony was amazing the day of our wedding! He was professional and catered to all our needs the day of! Even though it was hard to get some guests on the dance floor, he definitely tried his hardest! He was a great guy and an asset to Music Concierge!

Profile Picture Nicole, 6/17/18, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ

We had our ceremony and reception at the 21c Museum Hotel located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike was our DJ and let me tell you, this man know how to get the party started. We had a small reception of only 21 guest and we rocked out. Mike is so nice and funny and kept checking on us to make sure everything went right. Amazing work Mike. For all my future events we're getting Mike. Best DJ ever!!!!!!

Photo of The Music Concierge in Covington, KY
Photo of The Music Concierge in Covington, KY
Photo of The Music Concierge in Covington, KY
Photo of The Music Concierge in Covington, KY
Profile Picture Candace, 6/15/18, 5 Reviews
Category: DJ, Event Rentals & Photobooths
Services Used: Consultation, Do-Not-Play List, MC, Microphones, Sound/PA System, Uplighting

The Music Concierge Pricing

DJ Pricing
Starting Price
Starting Price Includes:
Sound/PA System
DJ Package Pricing
Most Popular Wedding Package
Most Popular Wedding Package Includes:
Flat Screen
Sound/PA System
Uplighting Pricing
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3 Hour Package
Starting from $425.00
3 Hour Package Includes:
Enclosed Booth
Social Media Integration
Most Popular Package Includes:
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth
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Social Media Integration
Event Rentals Pricing
Event Rental Prices Include:
Clean Up
Set Up

The Music Concierge FAQ

Hip Hop
Top 40
South Asian
Do-Not-Play List
Liability Insurance
Video Projection
Bilingual MC
One Event Per Day
Disco Ball
Flat Screen
Sound/PA System
Clean Up
Audio Equipment
Aisle Markers
Aisle Runners
Chair Covers
Dance Floor
Lounge Furniture
Tent Accessories
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth
Flip Book
Social Media Integration

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Professional Network & Endorsements

The Music Concierge is a top notch DJ company! I never hesitate to refer clients to them any time I can, and the crew is really amazing to work with! They have an app that is a LIFESAVER for brides planning weddings. The Music Concierge is 10/10 in my experience.

Very professional company to work with. They make receptions fun to attend!

The gentleman at Music concierge are all professional, knowledgeable, patient and talented. Be prepared to be impressed with their services and quality of work. Can't wait to do another wedding with this company!

Friendly professional and fun to work with highly recommend AAA+

Awesome DJ! Gets the crowd up and dancing! Very Professional!


1522 Dixie Highway, Suite 125, Covington, KY 41011   See On Map
513-368-0222 (phone)
Monday - Friday 10am-4pm and By Appointment Saturday - By Appointment Sunday - By Appointment
The Music Concierge is a wedding Entertainment provider from Cincinnati servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Dayton, Lexington, and Indianapolis. The Music Concierge is a professional DJ Company that has been part of the southern Ohio wedding industry since 2010 specializing in mobile boutique dj services.