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Tatman Photography is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based photography service that specializes in unique and creative wedding photography and other photographic sessions. Glenn M. Tatman decided he wanted to be a photographer over 20 years ago. He majored in photography in his last two years of high school and went on to graduate from photography school with a degree in commercial photography. That is where he met his wife, who is also a photographer. Tatman Photography has over 20 years of experience in every aspect of photography, including weddings, fashion, annual reports, product, portraits and so much more. He is sure to provide you with photography that brings back memories and emotions from your very special wedding day.

Services Offered
From Glenn's many jobs and experiences as a photographer, he is able to match his photography style to what couples are looking for, such as contemporary, natural, photojournalism, traditional and vintage. Tatman Photography can provide the following photography services for couples to choose from:

  • Additional hours
  • Boudoir shoot
  • Willingness to travel
  • Engagement shoot
  • High-resolution images
  • Multiple locations
  • One event per day
  • Second shooter
  • Toning

Other Services
In addition to the above wedding-related photography services, Tatman Photography can provide a variety of final photography items. Couples may choose from the following:

  • Albums
  • Digital files
  • Proofs

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Regions serviced: Cincinnati

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Glenn and his team were amazing! Glenn always went the extra mile to get the best shot, he knew the local area very well to recommend the best places to get photographs near our venue, and he was great at managing people and helping to "herd the cats" on the day of our event. Highly recommend!!

Profile Picture Alana, 9/2/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Great photographer! He really knows how to work a wedding party! Doesn't waste a single second, which is very good for all weddings!

Profile Picture Marie , 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Engagement Shoot
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Mason, OH 45040   See On Map
513-309-5933 (phone)
Tatman Photography is a wedding Photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Columbus. Tatman Photography is a professional wedding Photographer that has been part of the Cincinnati, Ohio wedding industry for 20 years. We specialize in Photojournalism Wedding Photos.