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San Diego and North County Premier floral design and linen rentals.
Sweet Ribbon is an event design studio committed to handle everything on the creative side of your event, performing the work of multiple creative vendors to make your occasion truly special and unforgettable. Our mission is providing the Event Planner and the Bride with creative solutions for their events: Specialty Linens, Floral Arrangements, Event Design and more. Our creative team is a collaboration of floral artists, textile consultants and event designers who take pride in their skill. At Sweet Ribbon every event and every client is a labor of love. Please email us or give us a call to talk about your special day.

Categories: Wedding Florist

Regions serviced: San Diego

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Laura and her staff were soooooo nice and accommodating ! Always willing to help and loads of different ideas. What was SPECTACULAR, was they make their own tablecloths, napkins and runners according to what YOU want, if they do not have your particular style already made in their stock. I found their colorful ideas and linens were way more exquisite than the run of the mill party linen supply place one goes for during their wedding planning.
All in all, if I had to do it over again or would have another wedding/party, I would use Sweet Ribbons no questions asked. They are more than THE BEST!

Profile Picture Barb, 7/27/13, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers

Laura is the best florist that i never met. Our wedding ceremony was decorated beautifully, and she made my venue reception very elegant and gorgeous. She is very professional. I'm very happy with the result.

Profile Picture Ceni, 9/21/12, 3 Reviews
Category: Flowers

Laura is awesome. She works in every way to fit into our budget. The linens and chair covers turned out the way I wanted and more. Thank you Laura and her team for making our day a dream comes true.

Profile Picture Yimon, 9/1/12, 4 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths

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