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Have you ever seen a color-change sapphire, one of the rarest of sapphires that mysteriously yet unmistakably turns from blue in outdoor light to violet under incandescent indoor light? Would you like to try on a diamond necklace that looks as though it came straight off the neck of royalty? These are some of the treasures you can see at St. John & Myers. Featuring exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces of antique, vintage, and period jewelry in every price range, St. John & Myers is one of the preeminent antique jewelry retailers in the United States.

Founders Louis and Olivia Scholz personally select each piece of jewelry, bringing it to their salon from around the world. The salon buys estate jewelry and offers restoration services.

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Dear Olivia,

You and the team at St. John & Myers saved the day for me. You made me a hero with my wife of 38 years, so it looks like we'll make it to at least 39.

The best part was how quickly you were able to help me. Even though I'm located in Salt Lake City, well over a thousand miles away from you, and I didn't even begin talking to you about this until past 2p.m. your time, the day before Valentines Day, you were able to determine the kinds of things my wife might like, show me a variety of them using pictures you sent me by email, and help me make just the right selection.

Then you really went to work, providing "beyond the call of duty service" by neatly packing up my purchase, including a gift bag and packaging, even thinking of supplying a gift card, since I was too dumb to get a Valentine's card, and get it all out and over to me via FedEx, to arrive, neatly timed in the morning with complete instructions for me on how to present the present to my sweetheart.

She loved the choice. It was the perfect fit for her current jewelry wardrobe and like I said, I got elevated to "Knight in Shining Armour" status.

Lots of fun… lots of romance… looking forward to our Valentine's evening.

Thanks, so much, once again to all of you at St. John & Meyers. A guy can't go wrong having you in his corner!

Jim Ackerman
Salt Lake City, Utah

Profile Picture Jim, 3/8/13, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

Olivia and Louis were wonderful in helping me find a great antique engagement ring for my fiancee. I had gone to other places before trying them and their knowledge and willingness to help find what I was looking for was top notch and I would recommend them to anyone. It was a great experience and she loves the ring!
Aaron Z.

Profile Picture Aaron , 7/15/10, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

The ring my husband got for me was from St John & Myers Antique and Fine Jewelry , and it was a complete surprise. I didn't know he ordered it, but he told me afterwards. From the ring itself, I would have to say that it is a very beautiful and classy ring, looks very high quality.

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Profile Picture Sheila, 1/9/10, 4 Reviews
Category: Jewelry

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