Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants - IA, MN, SD,and NE

Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants - IA, MN, SD,and NE

About Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants - IA, MN, SD,and NE

Custom Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremonies and So Much More!

About Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants
We are Officiant Joel and Officiant Cheryl Grams. We are licensed Wedding Officiants living and working in the Sioux Falls, SD area, and it would be our privilege to help you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams. We perform religious non-denominational ceremonies, as well as non-religious ceremonies, and ceremonies for those who are spiritual in their own way. We have several years of experience performing non-denominational, interfaith, and non-religious wedding ceremonies. There’s no one more qualified to help you execute your perfect wedding ceremony.  We will work together customizing everything to fit your needs entirely, for a unique and wonderful experience that’s yours, and yours alone.

Our Philosophy
Our life philosophy is spiritual in nature with love and kindness at its center. As Officiants, we honor and respect all beliefs and traditions, whether religious, spiritual or secular. We do not use a ceremony as a platform to promote our personal beliefs but to assist you in celebrating yours.  Honesty, integrity and fairness are a part of our lives in everything that we do. We were both raised Christian and appreciate the tenets and rituals of all of the world's religions and faiths. We are Certified Celebrants and have earned a Diploma's in Marriage Celebrancy through the Celebrant USA Foundation.

Our Uniqueness
As Wedding Celebrants & Officiants We are the co-creators, consultants, resource persons, encouragers, advisors and the Officiants of your wedding ceremony. We orchestrate each ceremony with professionalism and heart, and always keep the focus on the couple. The underlying principle of Celebrancy is that you, the client, own the ceremony. We put dedicated time, energy and effort into officiating each wedding ceremony and offer valuable benefits to our clients that are unique, including a custom written ceremony, an assistant at all ceremonies (when necessary), "ceremony design and planning," and unlimited phone and email access before your big day.

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Regions serviced: Sioux Falls, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Minneapolis + 1 Additional Regions

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Rude as can be. Complained alot.Acted as if it was her wedding. Laughed at us when we were getting ready to walk down the aisle because everything was a little clustered. Forgot to let is say our own vows! Did Not give the marriage papers to either one of our mothers which she claims. She is pitiful to say the least

Profile Picture Dustin, 8/19/17, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

Cheryl did an amazing job with my wedding. The day of the event everything fell into place and everyone had an amazing time.

Profile Picture Olivia, 3/18/17, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

What an amazing experience it has been working with Cheryl

Profile Picture Das, 2/25/17, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

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4 Wedding Deals & Discounts

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* Current Weekly Deal *

SUPER DEALS **BEST** $1139.50

$1,921.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
Ceremomy / Date ConfirmationConsultationsRehearsalPhoto 4 hours before ceremony, all limo stops, 2 hours reception Limo seats 10 1 hr with Stellar Limousine
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Ala Carte $150 Date Confirmation

$160.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
We don't want you to think you have to purchase an entire package. Sometimes couples want to hire their own vendors. So we also offer several ala carte services. Contact us for more information
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$1,362.50 Value | Redeem In-Store
Ceremomy / Date Confirmation Consultations Rehearsal Photo 3 prior to ceremony, during ceremony and 1 hr during reception Limo seats 10 1 hr with Stellar Limousine tax not included
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$1,081.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
Good Ceremomy / Date Confirmation Consultations Rehearsal Photo 3 hrs your choice Limo seats 10 1 hr with Stellar Limousine Tax not included

Professional Network & Endorsements

I've worked with Joel & Cheryl at a few different events over the years. They're always kind, well spoken, professional, and easy to get along with. I'm always happy to provide ceremony audio for Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants!

When it comes to a ceremony we send our clients to South Dakota Wedding Officiants to help our clients bring their wishes to reality. We have sent our clients on short notice to them in time of need and they have always come through for us without hesitation & professionalism. We truly enjoy working with them.

Don't just book a JP. Book Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants. The ceremony is so personal and well put together. It is your wedding, book Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants!

Any wedding that we have done with Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants has been easy and stress free. They had an awesome message and were very professional.

Cheryl and her team at SFWO do such a great job. I have seen more than several of their weddings and each have been unique to the couples they marry. Cheryl is always very professional and such a pleasure to work with.