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Building beautiful weddings on our beautiful beaches!!

Seashell Wedding Company offers all-inclusive wedding planning to couples in Destin, Florida. Their professionals take the stress out of planning a beach wedding. With their help, you’ll have the best vendors in town and no stress on your big day. Their services have been loved so much that they have been awarded multiple WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards since 2013. The wedding planner begins by building a relationship with every client. That friendship allows for your planner to understand you and what makes your future wedding unique.

Brandy, the owner of Seashell Wedding Company, started her wedding planning company after choosing to do something for a living that she truly loves. Her love for the Destin beach, weddings and helping others led her be a part of many couples' wedding journey.

Services Offered
Seashell Wedding Company will be there during every step of the planning process. From choosing vendors to day-of coordination, you can be assured that your wedding is in the hands of true professionals. They currently have four wedding packages to choose from, including the Simple and Sweet, Diamond, Platinum and Gold packages.

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60 Reviews for Seashell Wedding Company

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Brandy and Lana were amazingly patient with us. Everything about our wedding was PERFECT because of them and their attention to detail. They made everything easy and everything was beautiful!

Profile Picture Kami, 6/23/18, 1 Review
Category: Officiant, Photography, Wedding Planning
Services Used: Day-Of Coord., Full Planning, Destination, Ceremony

I got married on May 22 2018. We are from Buffalo New York so I was beyond nervous about booking something without really knowing anything. With that being said I think I first emailed brandy in 2016 and it the flow of emails advice help and everything continued until the day before my wedding. My sisters and I booked a trip to Destin about year before the actually wedding day and brandy was more than happy to set up an appointment to meet with us and I knew right them and there she was the one for us. She was nothing short of a miracle for everything. As the day got closer I started chatting with Lana and she could not have been more reassuring when it came to everything. When we first spoke I do believe we had an almost 2 hour conversation and it covered EVERYTHING! My mother has a severe allergy and Lana was nothing but concerned and accommodating with everything and anything that pertained to that.(so if that is on your radar rest assured it will be noted and taken care of to the full extent!) These ladies think of everything and literally take of everything at one point brandy was putting a zip tie in my dress because a button on my bustle broke! I could write for days about these two ladies. They are wonderful caring and beautiful inside and out! They made my day more perfect than I could have ever done on my own. They saw me at my worst and best and never skipped a beat! I can not thank them enough. Please hear me when I say whether you are local or from out town like I was book with seashell wedding company it will be the best decisions you have ever made (other than saying yes to your soon to be husband)

Thank you ladies for everything you did! You truly are amazing and so very talented!

Profile Picture Rebecca, 5/22/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Destination, Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Day-Of Coord., Full Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Seashell Wedding Company is among the best in the business. It is always a pleasure working with Brandy and her professional staff. 5 STARS!!!!!

Love Love working with Seashell wedding company! Every bride I get from them are amazing and each wedding is so gorgeous!

Brandy and her team are wonderful! Attentive, knowledgeable, easy to reach, and easy to work with, we always look forward to our weddings with Seashell Wedding Company! I highly recommend Seashell Wedding Company to any Bride looking for attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly coordination and planning.

If you are looking for a wedding planner along the Emerald Coast of NW Florida, I highly endorse Brandy of Seashell Weddings. Brandy is so detail oriented and thorough. She is fabulous to work with, and will ensure that every aspect of your big day is perfect. Two thumbs up...way up for Brandy and staff!


Destin, FL 32578   See On Map
850-586-9427 (phone)
Seashell Wedding Company is a wedding planner and coordinator from Destin, FL. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Grayton Beach, 30A, and Santa Rosa Beach. Seashell Wedding Company is a professional wedding planner and coordinator that has been part of the Destin wedding industry for 4 years. We specialize in all inclusive weddings, catering, flowers, venues, officiant, beach set up and break down, receptions, DJ, lighting packages, photography and bakery referals.