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Booking 2019 and 2020 Weddings in Orlando and Tampa Bay!


6 hours of consecutive wedding photography by Rosy & Shaun.  Full-resolution, non-watermarked, custom processed digital images included. Personal online gallery for viewing and downloading.

Hi there! We're Rosy and Shaun, we are an award-winning husband and wife wedding photography team documenting weddings in Detroit, Tampa, and Orlando. We are always eager to meet with new clients, but our calendar fills up fast!

From November to April, we flee our beloved home city of Detroit and high-tail it down to Florida. Shaun has loads of family in the Tampa Bay area and has been visiting the Sunshine State since he was just 10 years old, so he knows the area well. And in 2015—after suffering through a particularly brutal Michigan winter—we decided to see if we could hack it as Snowbird Wedding Photographers, if that's a thing.

And we had a blast.

We loved bringing our chemistry as a finely tuned artistic team to Florida. So ever since that first winter, we’ve spent four glorious months of each year learning what our Florida clients want and need from their wedding photographers, and eagerly building our winter season business. We’ve kept our trademark flair for capturing natural, dynamic, deeply personal images, and added a splash of effervescent Florida energy.

We have been published in Metro Detroit Bride Magazine and Metro Detroit Weddings Magazine, in addition to being featured several issues of The Knot Michigan print Magazine. We're also winners of The Best of The Knot 2017 and 2018. To view complete weddings and engagement sessions that we done, check out our blog.



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Regions serviced: Tampa, Orlando

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Take the leap and book Rosy and Shaun! They are utterly amazing. Our in-person consultation was like a meeting with old friends. They were attentive to our vision and desires, and did not disappoint. We were beyond ecstatic when the photos arrived on our digital website. There was not a single thing missed. Their services were worth every dollar and then some.
- A Happy Bride

Profile Picture Tanisha, 4/1/16, 1 Review
Category: Photography
Services Used: One Event/Day, Second Shooter, High-Res Images, Liability Insurance, Multi. Locations, Digital Files

Silver Lights did a phenomenal job on our wedding! What can I say... They were prompt, on-time, and guests said it felt like the photographers weren't even there. Silver Lights had the creative eye to capture all of the details with a modern look. My husband and I were very happy with the turnaround time to get our photos. Thank you Silver Lights!

Profile Picture Tracy , 8/3/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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1401 Vermont, #177, Detroit, MI 48216   See On Map
727-342-0776 (phone)
Tampa and Orlando, FL   See On Map
313-556-4821 (phone)
Rosy and Shaun Wedding Photography is a wedding photographers from Sun City Center servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota. Rosy and Shaun Wedding Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Detroit wedding industry since 2012 specializing in Weddings, South Asian Weddings, Indian Weddings, and Quinceaneras.