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Posh Party Creations, spalicious gifts

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We Specialize in Unique Wedding Favors- Quality Bridal Gifts - Gift Ideas For Bridal Party

At Posh Party Creations/Spalicious Gifts we are here to make your day special. We help customize and cater to each individual. We take pride and listen to our customers, stand behind our services making sure that are customers are 100% satisfied. Our Unique Party Favors create a special touch to each table reflecting the happiness in the room.

Wedding Favors are important to yourself as well as the guest. Picking out the perfect Favor is important because when you decide what favor you like it will show in symbolizing through the workmanship and design as it will coordinate with your theme and colors. The Favors,centerpieces and accessories should be something unique which has quality and a unique touch to it somthing which you also put thought into since the favor will be a symbol of your apprecitation and something that you get to share with your guest to look back with in the future.

We try to make your life easier so we decided to make our company a one stop shop for brides, bridal parties, sweet sixteen, gifts, showers etc. By having everything in one store it gives the person relief, so they don't have to worry where or how they will find something to match or if they will have time to find another item.

Our cake toppers, unity candles, Sand Ceremonies and accessories are customizable, can be personalized and some items are hand made to order.

The quality and life in each and every item will be a positive product to complete any party or event.


We are here to answer any questions and feel free to contact us with specific questions about designs or themes you may have questions about and If you don't see anythign you feel that would fit with your party then let us know what your looking for and we can email you pictures and work with you.


Thank You




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