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The photographs of your special day will last a lifetime. You will look over them time and again, share them and relive the memories and emotions you created together. That is why we take our role so seriously. Every smile, every hand held tight, every tear of joy. We will be there, discreetly capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. Our non-intrusive approach blends artistic curiosity with documentary-style storytelling. For the most important day in your lives, you deserve nothing but the best. We are a team of experienced, professional photographers working all over Italy, well known for our creativity, innovation and quality. The focus of our business is simple: To combine stunning, heartfelt imagery with a world-class customer experience, creating a product that is in a word - breathtaking. We cherish the couples we work with, and know full well that what we do would mean nothing without them. With this in mind we are 100% committed to delivering a service that goes beyond words. It is with insatiable passion that we approach our work. We would be honoured to be part of your perfect day. Contact us for your wedding, we cover all the country: Italian Lakes, Venice, Portofino, Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Puglia ....

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Abbiamo conosciuto Diego e Photo27 tramite la nostra wedding planner, e ci siamo subito innamorati della qualità artistica dei loro lavori che ci hanno mostrato.
Le foto ed il video del nostro matrimonio hanno confermato la nostra prima impressione, se non superato le aspettative!
Il team di Photo27 si contraddistingue per la professionalità, la disponibilità, l'attenzione ai dettagli, il riuscire a cogliere le emozioni degli sposi ed degli invitati, senza mai essere invadenti.
Consigliamo a chi ricerca queste caratteristiche di avvalersi di Photo27, per avere un ricordo ancora più indelebile e speciale degli eventi più importanti della propria vita.
Grazie, siete i migliori!!!

Profile Picture Stefano, 9/14/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography, Videography

We researched everything in advance for our wedding at Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, having chosen our wedding planner, we then chose our reception restaurant, which left probably the most important item of all "The Photographer". Obviously there are many to choose from in Italy and in the region in general, we opted for Studio27 as we liked their style of photography, not to cliché but still getting the money shot, having contacted them we received prompt service from Stefania who arranged for Michela to come along for day, Diego then became free so he came along as well to help cover the ceremony, this alone shows their love and dedication to their Profession.
At all times they were close by but by no means intrusive and were very friendly to chat to and deal with, they directed us well and we had an absolutely fantastic day. We don't do many online reviews unless absolutely warranted, and this is one of those occasions, please don't be confused anymore go ahead and book them for your big day, you won't regret it :-)
Good Luck to you all and we hope your big day is as lovely and memorable as ours was.

Profile Picture Carla, 8/31/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography

We had a very positive experience with Photo 27, they were professional, flexible and a pleasure to work with from the planning stages to accommodating our request during post-production. We got some very beautiful photos of our wedding, and even though the cost of their services is on the high end, we got what we were looking for - high quality end result and a memory that would stay with us a lifetime. Diego is a true artist with very sensitive eyes and was a joy to work with. Would highly recommend them.

Profile Picture marina, 4/6/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Diego Taroni and his Photo27 photographers are absolutely the best international photographers for Weddings and Events. An incredible "magical eye" to capture most important moments, emotions and details . Special memories that will last forever.


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