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Pearl & Peony Event Design creates handmade weddings in Houston, Texas


Located in Houston, Texas, Pearl & Peony is a wedding planning & event design company founded on the idea that weddings should be handmade with love. Weddings by Pearl & Peony are inspired by our couples & their sweet love stories.

If you’re a bride-to-be who cares deeply about the little details, email me!  teri@pearlandpeonyevents.com

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I got married at the end of March at the Houston Heights Fire Station. From the start, Teri was invaluable in our planning process: enthusiastic about and understanding of the vision and feeling we wanted to give to our big day, full of helpful ideas and suggestions, and very on-point with her vendor recommendations and relationships. She is consummately professional, and just an absolutely lovely person in general.

From the details of our ceremony, to the decorative elements of our tables, to handling a sometimes unruly family, she performed with grace and aplomb - even when running around like crazy during our wedding making sure no loose ends were left untied.

I literally can not say enough good things about Teri. If you are searching for a coordinator who will understand your wishes and hopes for your wedding and will work tirelessly to make them happen, CALL PEARL AND PEONY. Teri 4eva, you are the BEST!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Profile Picture Maria-Elisa, 3/28/14, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

When my daughter María-Elisa told me she was in the process of finding a coordinator for her wedding, planned for March 2014, I immediately joined her in an online search . However, , after a while, I found so many whose descriptions looked greatly convincing at their websites that I realized this was going to be a difficult decision to make ......

Then, I found a MOB's review that spoke to my own MOB heart .
However, what she wrote was so good I realized it was suspiciously TOO good ... It was about Teri Malpass and her Pearl & Peony services as an Event Coordinator .
My daughter also read that MOB review and contacted Teri.

UNFORTUNATELY, after our experience with Teri during the whole process of coordinating the wedding, I realized my opinion about Teri's apparently " good" credentials was totally WRONG. I must be totally honest and confess Teri was NOT " good".. :( And the reason for this ?
Well.... Teri was not just "good".... she was AMAZINGLY GOOD !!!! :D What a great decision it was for María-Elisa to hire Teri to coordinate her wedding!!
Talking about being professional, being able to grasp the exact ambiance this bride wanted to create, and making the perfect connections to that end, understanding the dynamics in families, communicating the exact ways - time schedules included - how she had organized every step of the process from the very beginning , through the ceremony and reception, till the last minute details of closing the venue . VERY PROFESSIONAL.
And, through it all, she was FLEXIBLE, patient, acommodating and exhibiting a calming smile that conveyed a "RELAX !! - I-have-everything-under-control " message !!

Thanks, Teri !! You´re THE professional coordinator needed for a wedding to be an unforgettable and joyful event !!
I'd recommend your services without any hesitation .

Profile Picture Maritza, 3/28/14, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Teri is by far the most dedicated, organized, creative, insightful, professional, loyal, and caring wedding planner possible. Coordinating my DIY wedding on a budget, Teri treated my wedding with the same passion and dedication she had for her own wedding. I am forever grateful to have had Teri by my side.
Because I lived in Dallas and was getting married in Houston, I planned my wedding at a distance. Teri was always diligent in our communication. She responded to each of my questions by the next day. When I traveled to Houston, Teri worked around my schedule. Because Teri knew what needed to be done, our meetings were efficient, productive. I always left the sessions feeling confident, relieved, and more excited for my wedding day.
Teri embraced my vision of a DIY vintage wedding and had a wealth of creative ideas to support my vision. She helped me design the many handmade details, from our wedding favors to the vintage-stamped invitations and centerpieces. Creating our wedding week itinerary, Teri orchestrated all the logistics with such grace. Her ability to balance the big picture with the minute details was invaluable!
Teri has excellent relationships with quality vendors, and she helped me navigate the unknown vendor world to find vendors that fit within my budget. Besides working well with vendors, Teri has the ability to collaborate with anyone. She handled an extremely difficult church wedding coordinator with perseverance and a smile. Teri saved us much time, stress, and thousands of dollars by sharing her insight and solving problems creatively.
When my wedding day finally arrived, I did not worry about a thing; I knew Teri had it all in order. From the hundreds of candles lit for dinner to the sparkler exit, the wedding reception was seamless, and we all got to enjoy the night! In short, my wedding would never have taken place without Teri. Thank you, Teri, for making our wedding day so perfect and so beautiful!!

Profile Picture Amy , 12/28/13, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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