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Nicole George Event Planning & Design is a wedding and event production and design company ideal for the creatively conscious adventurers, dreamers, and do-ers.  We create personalized experiences and rad celebrations (yes rad…because no one remembers the average party) for clientele that values the lighter and brighter side of life and isn’t afraid to try something new. (Read: You won’t find us re-creating something you saw on social media…we prefer to create something better and much more “you”.) Design is our jam and what we specialize in, however, we offer a variety of services suited for any stage of planning your dreamiest day ever. 




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47 Reviews for Nicole George Event Planning & Design

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The BEST decision my husband and I made for our wedding was to hire Nicole and her team. We used her partial planning service and started the process about 8-9 months prior. I knew from the first time I met her that she would be able to execute our wedding perfectly. Not only was she very relatable, but I could also tell how organized, detail oriented and capable she was from the get go. The online planning system that she uses really helped us stay on track month by month. Nicole also made herself available to us for all of our small questions/worries. All emails were welcomed and responded to promptly. She was extremely flexible and accommodating with meeting times (despite her very busy schedule) and I truly felt as though I had a full service planner that was there for us at every step of the way. In addition to all of that, Nicole is warm, thoughtful, patient and has an incredible knowledge base when it comes to her specialty. I felt like I was getting to plan my wedding with a friend who would always give me honest answers and reassure me along the way. Not to mention Nicole’s style and creativity-----so ON POINT. She was able to hone in on our vision for the wedding and really refine the design details while keeping our budget in mind. She is also extremely well connected in the industry and recommended the most amazing vendors that were a perfect fit for us.

On our rehearsal and wedding day, she was nothing short of professional and efficient. All of our family and friends were impressed with her and her ability to round up our motley crew. She also made sure every detail of the wedding was perfect and ran smoothly. She handled small snafus with poise and grace, which allowed us to really enjoy the day. We were able to create the intimate atmosphere that we were hoping for all along and the day was a true reflection of us. In short, Nicole is capable of creating the wedding of your dreams and we really cannot thank nor recommend her enough!!!

Profile Picture Colette, 7/14/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

We are soooo thankful that we decided to work with Nicole and her team! We could not have done it without them, seriously. So if you’re reading this (unabridged version)…do yourself a favor, stop and go book them for your event! We met with Nicole and Kathleen and were impressed by their organized, approachable and detail oriented natures. They explained the services thoroughly, addressed our questions and better yet, we felt ZERO pressure to book right away. Since our wedding was less than 4 months away, we chose the partial planning package but Nicole offered to create a custom one. She mentioned that Kathleen’s specialty was partial planning and was available! Kathleen is so awesome and it was clear right away that it was indeed her specialty! She took over and created a schedule prioritizing all of the remaining tasks. She closely reviewed all of our contracts to catch errors, offering suggestions on ways to save money as well as adding things we had not considered. She was very communicative with us and all of our vendors. For other vendors, they both provided contacts that fit our budget and style. She sent gentle, yet assertive reminders (I needed that for sure!) Kathleen is such a genuinely sweet and thoughtful person. She was compassionate about a sensitive family situation making sure to take that into consideration in planning for the wedding day. She is seriously amazing and helped it all feel 100% less overwhelming. I can’t even express what a relief it was to have Kathleen facilitating on the wedding day itself. She coordinated everything regarding the wedding timeline, vendor arrivals, set-up/breakdown and and and… If there was an issue, she handled it. Everything was just beautiful. She seamlessly arranged every detail to create the style we wanted. Having her there allowed us to enjoy the day to the fullest. We are both so grateful to her for everything she did to make our wedding the most memorable. We highly recommend them! For real though.

Profile Picture Megan , 5/19/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

We are so grateful for Nicole and her team. We booked them for partial planning services which included day-of planning and they ended up being the best money we spent in the whole wedding process! They are total pros who were really detailed, responsive, and accommodating at every step.

In the time leading up to the wedding, Nicole and her team kept us on track with detailed schedules that broke tasks out into manageable chunks, which was really helpful for two busy people such as ourselves. They helped the planning process feel manageable and fun and worked really hard to help us craft our vision for our wedding. Additionally, she recommended vendors from a great network of local contacts that were perfect fits for what we envisioned.

On our wedding day, it was a huge relief to know that we had such thoughtful, capable people making sure everything was cued up perfectly. It was wonderful to see the vision we had worked so hard to create come together so seamlessly. Every moment was filled with so much love and really reflected the experience we wanted to create for our guests. I only wish we could go back in a time machine and live it all again. It was the most perfect day we could have imagined and that was in no small part because of Nicole and her level of interaction with the team of amazing creatives we worked with. Even our band said it was one of their favorite weddings they had ever been to!

We can't recommend Nicole and her team enough and recommend her to any couples getting married in southern California.

Profile Picture Sarah, 5/5/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

What a great company to work with. We highly recommend.

What a great company to work with. We highly recommend them for your wedding!

We've had the pleasure of working with Nicole, prior to the inception of her business, as the coordinator for Balboa Park Museums, through the transition and now as a Top Firm. She is one of the most professional and knowledgeable planners in the industry, hands down! Nicole works closely with her clients to provide the best possible solutions in achieving their dream wedding. She has an amazing grasp of the resources available to her and maintains a solid leadership role in the production and execution of every single event. She is very sweet and knows how to push the ball forward in a polite but firm manner. This is exactly what you want in a wedding planner! She is very creative, passionate, fun to work with and an honor to know. If I could buy stock in a wedding planner, I would own shares of Nicole George!

Nicole is always a pleasure to work with! She is extremely personable and accomplishes outstanding results for her clients due to her passion and attention to detail. We don't hesitate to recommend Nicole and her team to our clients! Looking forward to more amazing events in the future with her.

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole George Event Planning & Design on a wedding in downtown Los Angeles at a rooftop venue. What a pleasure it was to work with Nicole and her staff! Every detail, I mean EVERY detail was noted and refined by Nicole. Very organized and pleasant! I absolutely recommend Nicole George Event Planning & Design!


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484-354-1465 (phone)