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About Nick. Texas Barber

But what about the groom?

You should look your best on your wedding day, and I can make that happen! Your fiance will be going all out when it comes to hair and makeup, so that when you lift that veil she looks more beautiful than you could imagine. Don't be the only one whose breath is taken away that day, show her that you are committed to looking your best for her as well!

Allow those nerves to melt away, put your grooming in the hands of a professional!

Unfortunately for grooms, they are often overlooked when it comes to getting them ready for the big day. I remember when I got married, iI was a nervous wreck, and while my fiancé was being pampered and made to look as beautiful as possible, I was fighting my hair and trying to get my face shaved perfectly. Now imagine instead laying back in a barber chair with hot towels on your face, getting ready to receive a hot lather straight razor shave to either get your face totally smooth or have you beard expertly lined up. You've already had your hair cut to perfection, and once the shave is over you have a barber that is an expert in styling men's hair to make sure that you have picture perfect hair that day. Feel the stress just melt away, so you can face the love of your life confident, and as handsome as it gets. This is the way it should be, so that you can thoroughly enjoy what will be one of the best days of your life!

Why choose me?

I have been a barber for more than a decade, and I didn't stop my education when I got my diploma either. I have attended intensive barber courses at Vidal Sassoon, and attended classes by people from American Crew and The Art of Shaving, as well as celebrity barber John Mosley Just to name a few. I put in many hours of continuing education every year to ensure I am among the best in my craft. I am and owner at Marchica's Barbershop, and I love what I do, so trust me for all your barbering needs when your wedding day comes.

Your pictures will be worth more than a thousand words once I'm through!

Every wedding is different, but one thing stays the same, people want to look their best on their wedding day! I believe that this doesn't just apply to brides and their retinue. I use my barbering skills to make the groom and groomsmen look their best and camera ready, because it's their day too. With the price of wedding photography being what it is, and considering hour pictures will allow you to relive that day every time you look at them, I make sure the groom looks good next to his bride.

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  • Which of the following are included in prices? Consultation
  • What beauty services do you offer? Facials, Hair, Hair Removal, Men's Grooming, Mult. Stylists
  • What hair services do you offer? Haircuts
  • What hair removal services do you offer? Shaving, Waxing
  • What is the maximum group size you can accommodate? 12


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