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***** After 7 years of providing weddings cakes I have decided to retire from that business, therefor we are not taking on any more cake or cupcake orders in 2018 or beyond.

The cafe is also discontinuing offering cupcakes and cakes as of 8.10.18

If you are in need of a wedding cake/cupcakes please feel free to contact my friend Nicole from North Country Cakes.

I would like to thank all of my previous clients and wish everyone the best!




Picture a cake, as elegant or over-the-top as you please…

Our baker would love making it for you. Every morsel will be made from scratch and by hand. You’d be surprised how many bakeries use a commercial box mix. Not us. Picture a baker breaking the eggs, measuring the flour, folding the ingredients into the batter, and that’s how it is in our kitchen.

Even the decorations are created from scratch and by hand. The only limit is your imagination — handmade lace, spun chocolate fantasies, candied walnuts, fondant roses, hand-sculpted storybook characters — you name it. We welcome challenging themes. Or you can also just bring us a picture from a magazine and we’ll duplicate it.

We can even make your cake in the shape of a racecar or top it with an edible baseball cap. Just ask!

Lots of local ingredients

Whenever possible we source local. Among our ingredients are King Arthur flour, Cabot butter, eggs from Colchester, apple cider from Cold Hollow, local organic apples and rhubarb.

Mind-boggling flavor choices 

Your biggest difficulty may be choosing flavors, we offer so many, both in cake and frosting. And we can easily work with dietary restrictions — without any sacrifice of taste or wow factor. There are myriad flavor options in gluten-free and vegan, as well as in the anything-goes category. Some of our flavors are exotic, like chocolate stout or green tea or champagne. Others could be straight out of grandma’s recipe box. See the link below for flavor options.

Better than competitive pricing

Our per-slice prices are lower than most commercial bakeries. For purposes of pricing, we have three categories of cake: Traditional, Specialty and Custom.

Free consultation & tasting

We invite you to come in and plan your cake with our baker. While we consult, you will be able to try some cupcakes. Booking ahead is important, especially during wedding and holiday season.  Consults are held Monday-Friday from about 9am-2pm on most days, but please contact us for our consult availability as we book up quickly.

Holding your date:

Erica puts so much energy, passion, and love into each cake that we have limit the number of weddings we are able to do in any given week. Therefor we require a $100 deposit to secure your date. That deposit is non-transferable, non-refundable, and is put towards your balance due.

Until a deposit is made your date is still available for other couples to book, even if you have a pending consult scheduled.

Contact us soon to schedule a consult or to book your upcoming wedding!

Email Erica: cupcakes@newmoonvt.com


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Regions serviced: Burlington

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Working with Erica was wonderful from start to finish! So professional, and she brought to life everything we were hoping for in our wedding cake. Cake was delicious and all our guests were super impressed! Definitely recommend her!!

Profile Picture Brittany, 11/10/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Custom Design, Private Tastings, Cakes

We are so, so happy that we chose New Moon Cupcakes to cater the desserts for our wedding! We initially contacted New Moon Cafe as it appeared that they had far more vegan and gluten free options than any other cupcake caterer in the area, and we had a number of guests with specific dietary needs. After meeting with Erica, we were 100% sold. The cupcakes were SO incredible, and I still don't understand how the vegan buttercream frosting tastes as amazing as it does. (Our mutual favorite cupcake, though, was our non-vegan choice: honey-roasted almond. It's so delicious; please try it.) We also absolutely loved the apple cider donuts and the beautiful wedding cake decorated like a birch tree. Working with Erica was wonderful from start to finish; she was very helpful in planning our dessert menu from the beginning, and really personable and great to work with throughout. She also made herself very available in answering all our questions leading up to the event as we planned it. Most of all, though, these are just the best cupcakes, and your guests will love them!! We enthusiastically recommend catering your desserts from New Moon.

Photo of New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT
Profile Picture Meg, 10/21/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Delivery, Setup, Private Tastings, Cakes, Cupcakes, Pastries, Local, Cake Stands, Gluten Free, Vegan

New Moon Cafe Pricing

Wedding Cakes Pricing
Buttercream Frosting (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $4.00
Fondant Starting Price (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $5.00
Cake Prices Include:
Anniversary Cake
Top Tier of the Cake
Cupcakes (Each, Without Tax)
Starting from $1.95
Prices Include:
Custom Cake Design
Set Up
Tasting - Open House
Tasting - Private

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150 Cherry St., Burlington, VT 05401   See On Map
802-383-1508 (phone)
New Moon Cafe is a wedding cake confectionery from Burlington, Vermont servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Northern Vermont, Southern Vermont, and and Plattsburgh Area. New Moon Cafe is a professional bakery that has been part of the Vermont wedding industry since 2010 specializing in wedding cakes and cupcakes.