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If you are looking to create your own unique invitation, then check out! This site allows you to Mix and match from 90+ paper colors, 24 ink colors, colored envelopes, and a variety of formats and pockets, resulting in a design all your own. The possibilities are endless.

MyGatsby invitations have been featured everywhere from the Today Show and KTLA News (Los Angeles), Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style, Modern Bride, Brides, The Knot, The Style Network’s "My Celebrity Wedding", and in Susie Coelho’s new book "Style Your Dream Wedding".

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I could not be happier with!!! My invitations were very reasonably priced and shipped SUPER fast!! Most importantly, the ability to customize your own invitation was so easy and my invitations are gorgeous!!

Profile Picture Jennifer, 9/2/17, 8 Reviews
Category: Invitations

very pretty invitations, great easy to use website,

Profile Picture User4561889, 1+ year ago, 2 Reviews
Category: Invitations

I did my thank you cards from and I loved the product. I went with the Becca thank you card design, with gold thermography on white linen. I did our names in Burgues and the thank you in Copperplate. Here's why I loved them:
1. Paper quality was good, albeit slightly light. The white linen is absolutely beautiful.
2. The gold thermography was beautiful yet affordable. I spent less than a dollar on each thank you card. The gold is a true gold, not muddy like some other golds I've seen.
3. They DON'T print their company name on the back of the card, which I appreciated. Other companies (e.g. WeddingPaperDivas) do and I dislike the free advertising.
4. They had some good upgrades although I didn't use them, such as the return address on back flap. It may have been reasonable to spend another 15 cents on each card for that, but I didn't feel like it. i also didn't pay another $20 for a black/white proof because that struck me as excessive for something as simple as a thank you card. Might be worth it for an invitation set though.
Delivery was prompt.

I was tempted to use them for my invitations as well but I'm glad I didn't only because their paper selections are too light and don't have the heft/weight I want for invitations.

Profile Picture Mishri, 8/30/15, 4 Reviews
Category: Party Supplies FAQ

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MyGatsby Custom Invitations

80 Photos
220x220 sq 1298310719943 hannah
220x220 sq 1298310850568 6x9sfolio
220x220 sq 1298322253765 scarlett
220x220 sq 1297975729881 5x7gfoliolg
220x220 sq 1297975785475 5x5wbloom
220x220 sq 1298310484724 madison
220x220 sq 1298310498146 sara
220x220 sq 1298310505708 5x7sfolio
220x220 sq 1298310510990 amberpkt
220x220 sq 1298310518443 serena
220x220 sq 1298310525865 victoria2l
220x220 sq 1298310532130 heather
220x220 sq 1298310539083 victoria
220x220 sq 1298310546333 hannahpkt
220x220 sq 1298310552302 milliepkt
220x220 sq 1298310561521 5x7gfoliolg
220x220 sq 1298310695021 casey2l
220x220 sq 1298310702208 roxeanne
220x220 sq 1298310713318 abbey
220x220 sq 1298310728380 sophie
220x220 sq 1298310736943 5x7wbloom
220x220 sq 1298310745599 blossom
220x220 sq 1298310754099 quinnpkt
220x220 sq 1298310767427 6x9gfoliolg
220x220 sq 1298310775615 6x6vfoliolg
220x220 sq 1298310790583 cecilia
220x220 sq 1298310799849 clarissa2l
220x220 sq 1298310805271 cassandrapkt
220x220 sq 1298310812083 quinn
220x220 sq 1298310818458 fionapkt
220x220 sq 1298310825458 fiona
220x220 sq 1298310833849 josie
220x220 sq 1298310840411 brandi2l
220x220 sq 1298310858786 5x5gfolio
220x220 sq 1298310865505 amber
220x220 sq 1298310872833 5x7vflaplg
220x220 sq 1298310879505 ashley2l
220x220 sq 1298310889833 brittany2l
220x220 sq 1298310895802 cecilia2l
220x220 sq 1298321934328 amber2l
220x220 sq 1298321949062 annie
220x220 sq 1298321957437 brittany
220x220 sq 1298321973296 carly
220x220 sq 1298321981734 cassandra
220x220 sq 1298321991984 chelsea
220x220 sq 1298322001578 clarissa
220x220 sq 1298322011156 claudia
220x220 sq 1298322020703 claudia2l
220x220 sq 1298322028015 dakota
220x220 sq 1298322033281 eden
220x220 sq 1298322048968 emily
220x220 sq 1298322055687 faith
220x220 sq 1298322063812 frankie
220x220 sq 1298322071453 gabriella
220x220 sq 1298322080406 gabriella2l
220x220 sq 1298322090437 gina
220x220 sq 1298322099812 jocelyn
220x220 sq 1298322108625 jocelyn2l
220x220 sq 1298322118750 julianna
220x220 sq 1298322124828 kelsey
220x220 sq 1298322135828 lacey
220x220 sq 1298322146062 lacey2l
220x220 sq 1298322154187 lola
220x220 sq 1298322163125 lola2l
220x220 sq 1298322173343 mackenzie
220x220 sq 1298322180906 marissa
220x220 sq 1298322190765 millie
220x220 sq 1298322195250 olivia
220x220 sq 1298322198796 penelope
220x220 sq 1298322209359 phoebe2l
220x220 sq 1298322217937 quinn2l
220x220 sq 1298322227359 sabrina
220x220 sq 1298322235468 sabrina2l
220x220 sq 1298322245671 savannah
220x220 sq 1298322264218 scarlett2l
220x220 sq 1298322275171 sheridan
220x220 sq 1298322283500 trista
220x220 sq 1298322292781 trista2l
220x220 sq 1298322301421 vanessa2l
220x220 sq 1298322310062 whitney

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