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M&T Events is a Mother and Daughter business. Martina has a degree in Interior Design. She was also born and raised in Germany; therefore, all of her cakes and design ideas incorporate an exquisite, European flare.  

Tiffany’s passion is  Culinary Desserts. Her art of creative baking, makes us a unique power team. 

We take great pride in our workmanship and make each cake as if it were our own.  We strongly believe in quality over quantity. (Reviews) Therefore, we limit ourselves to only a certain amount of cakes and tastings each weekend.  M&T Events Cakes are “more than just an extraordinary dessert.” Cakes are made from the highest quality ingredients, and are guaranteed to wow in both taste and visual effect. Our wedding cakes are beautiful, delicious pieces of art, which can come in all different shapes, heights, colors, flavors, and beautifully hand crafted edible sugar art. All Items are sculpted, painted and crafted out of edible materials. Our European Bakery is especially good for someone who is looking for something more unusual or a show stopper cake.  If you are interested in a baker that makes you a part of the family and our prime focus, you have come to the right place.  Because we make only a minimum number of cakes a month we strongly suggest calling us for a free tasting and consultation appointment to lock in your wedding date.  


Martina &  Tiffany

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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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Great experience. The team at M&T did a great job designing and creating our wedding cake. Every discussed detail was followed. Heartfelt thanks. We will be seeing you again.... For years to come.

Profile Picture Jose, 7/6/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

My husband and I went to 6 cake tastings before we went here. Everywhere else was either to expensive or could not accommodate our design. My wedding was technology themed. From the beginning of the cake tasting, I knew this was going to be our decision. She had tons of samples not only of the cake flavor combos, but of other desserts and decor. Her workshop is a dream. Everything they make is edible!!! We asked for a second cake tasting to try some nontraditional cake flavors. They were so accommodating! Both cake tastings were free. We ordered a wedding cake, groom cake, yummy rummies, gluten free cupcakes, and centerpieces. Our wedding cake was beautiful and they took such good care of my grandmothers cake topper from her wedding in the 60s. So beautiful. Our groom cake was beyond what her sketches were. It lights up!!! Days after the wedding and it was still glowing! Her yummy rummies are to die for. Think better than 5 star rum balls. All ingredients straight from Germany with good booze and chocolate! She was so understanding of allergies and incorporated it into the display. As a bride planning a wedding, you always worry about the centerpieces. What should they be? How big? Design? She makes edible centerpieces. The reception was so entertaining because of the these centerpieces. I will be using these ladies for everything in the future. I will not use any other baker, ever. Thank you ladies so much!!!

Photo of M&T Events Custom cakes in Woodbridge, VA - Our edible centerpieces.
Photo of M&T Events Custom cakes in Woodbridge, VA - Our light up groom cake! Cheesecake
Photo of M&T Events Custom cakes in Woodbridge, VA - Our wedding cake! Cherry pucker and Amaretto
Photo of M&T Events Custom cakes in Woodbridge, VA - Yummy rummies and gluten free cupcakes
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Profile Picture Christiana, 6/17/18, 5 Reviews
Category: Catering, Favors & Gifts, Lighting & Decor, Wedding Cake
Services Used: Cupcakes, Dessert Buffet, Groom's Cake, Organic, Consultations, Delivery, Setup, Gluten Free, Lactose Free

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M & T Events are an awesome mother and daughter team ! even though I am not much of a cake lover I was smitten not only by the truly wonderful flavours & textures they produce but also by the artistic designs produced which are absolutely magnificent! Highly recommend M & T events.

I worked with MandT Events for a photo shoot and they were fabulous! Professional, timely, creative, and fun! Their cakes are absolutely stunning and they make the whole process so enjoyable! I am definitely an MandT Events fan and will recommend them to all my couples without a doubt!!


By Appointment Only, Woodbridge, VA 22193   See On Map
703-929-1062 (phone)
Visit us by appointment only Monday thru Sunday. Call us any time from 9AM to 7PM 7 days a week.
M&T Events Custom cakes is a wedding and Events cake specialist from Washington DC region. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Maryland, DC, and Virginia. M&T Events Custom cakes is a professional wedding custom unique cake specialist that has been part of the Washington, DC Metropolitan wedding industry for 5 years. We specialize in Unique wedding cake designs with a European twist. you dream it and we creat it for you. one on one consultation. One wedding a week, first come first served. We believe in quality not quantity.