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Transforming dreams into a reality...

Monarch Weddings will transform your dream into a reality! With great attention to detail, impeccable planning, an established base of vendor contacts and resources, expert creative design and a genuine passion for all things bridal, it is our goal to exceed your greatest expectations and create a wedding that will represent your unique vision & style while telling your individual love story!

Your comfort and confidence is our top priority, leading up to and throughout your special day. Monarch Weddings has established relationships with best-in-class vendors -- from florists to photographers, we match you with the people who will help make your wedding remarkable and keep you organized and within your budget goals.

Monarch Weddings can accommodate a wide range of planning and budgetary needs, as we offer our clients several levels of services, including planning consultations, event design, day-of & month-of wedding coordination, and full-service wedding & event planning. Whichever service best fits your budget and planning needs, we promise to give you the attention and planning expertise you deserve, saving you valuable time and energy so that you can fully enjoy your engagement and have a relaxed, stress-free planning process and wedding day.

At Monarch Weddings, we take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless, worry-free, spectacular event and most importantly give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your "Special Day" to the fullest!

Share your dream wedding with us and we will transform your dream into reality!

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25 Reviews for Monarch Weddings - San Diego Wedding Planner

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Don't waste your time interviewing other wedding planners - Keli is your girl. She will be able to bring your dream wedding to reality. Keli is amazing- she saved my August 2017 Del Mar wedding after there were some problems with the original wedding planner. Keli was such a breath of fresh air - she was organized and her attention to detail was amazing. Keli enabled me to have a FLAWLESS wedding thanks to her incredible experience and connections. I was very worried about my wedding running smoothly until Keli stepped in - I never had to thik about anything else after she took over. Her vision and understanding of colors, flowers, beautiful details like painting gold menus to make the color pop better... the list goes on. Her team is well trained and they're all a true team - they work well together and are happy to be a part of your day. Keli turned my wedding day into a fairy tale that people are still talking about almost a year later! Keli also had excellent relationships with the other various vendors (linens, chair rentals, catering mgr, bakery, florist etc). This made everything extremely easy because the vendors had worked together before and had a level of familiarity. Don't look elsewhere and take Keli's guidance!

Profile Picture Ashleigh, 8/13/17, 10 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Budget Analysis, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Guest List, Partial Planning, Timelines, To-Do Lists, Referrals, Destination, Non-Religious, Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner

Hiring Keli Christenson to be my Day of Wedding Coordinator was the best wedding decision I made (well, besides marrying my husband). I was a very organized bride, with a clear vision. By the time I hired Keli, I had most of my vendors booked, and was concerned about the Wedding Day running smoothly. (I got married in a public park and my guests had to walk 3 blocks to the reception). With my small wedding of 34 guests, some felt I did not need a Day of Wedding Coordinator. However, I quickly learned what an asset Keli and her team was.
The day of my wedding I awoke with no stress. I enjoyed my morning with my bridesmaids, got ready and was completely relaxed. When Keli arrived, she helped my mom put my dress on (my dress had many, many buttons and she had a crochet hook to help – it was a life saver! She even left it by the bed so my husband could use it to help me out of my dress). Keli made sure everyone had the correct flowers, even pinning the boutonniere on my emotional dad.
My ceremony was perfect. I was thrilled how it unfolded perfectly. I cried off all of my makeup, and Keli fixed my makeup and wouldn’t let me take photos until I was ready (I am so grateful for this!). We got to cocktail hour and enjoyed our time with our guests while Keli set up our reception. When we made our grand entrance, I was surprised with how incredibly beautiful everything was! Even my husband (who does not notice details) could not stop talking about how pretty the cake table was! (In the planning process, I had explained to Keli that I didn’t have much of a budget for décor. She took the little I had purchased and transformed it into something I never dreamed of!).
The reception went exactly as planned, from the dinner to the speeches to cake. When we had our sendoff at the end of the night, Keli had packed our car with all of our personal belongings and made sure we were ready to go.

Profile Picture Brittany, 8/8/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Five stars are not enough! Keli was INCREDIBLE! I had big plans for a beautiful Gatsby-themed wedding and Keli exceeded my wildest expectations while keeping me on budget. I would recommend Monarch Weddings to any bride-to-be.
Every detail and plan was perfectly executed. My breath was literally taken away when I walked into the ceremony ballroom and took it all in for the first time--the floral arrangements and candles, and all the smiling faces of our family and friends... And from there, the cocktail foyer and Reception ballroom which amazed me even more.
Every person in attendance said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and I would have to agree, even if I'm biased. From the band to the decor to the smooth flow and timing of everything. I didn't have to think or worry about a single thing all day.
I am so thankful for Keli and her meticulous eye for perfection, as well as her dedication to ensuring the day was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Profile Picture Chanel, 3/25/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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