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Ben B. Photography offers wedding photography for Seattle, Washington and the Bay Area of California. Ben take a fun, yet detailed approach to his photographs. Each encapsulates the emotions of every couple. He looks for the tiny elements that make your wedding day special to you and frames them for a lifetime.

Ben studied art and graphic design in college, both of which contributes to the creativity he employs in his photographs. After college, he opened his photography business and became a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. Currently, he uses his years of art experience to create digital memories for his clients.

Services Offered
Ben B. Photography provides packages that range in size and offer up to 12 hours of coverage. He also offers smaller packages for intimate weddings and elopements. Whatever the size, Ben tells your story without missing a minute. For even more coverage and high-resolution images, he can work with another photographer. Packages include:

  • Quick edits
  • Mini portrait session
  • Engagement shoot
  • Additional hours
  • Custom graphics
  • Slideshow
  • Liability insurance

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Regions serviced: Seattle

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I couldn’t ask for a better wedding photographer. Ben was an amazing photographer who had just the perfect eye for what looks amazing. He made me feel at ease showing me how to pose to get the best angles. He made me feel comfortable and confident. My pictures came out amazing. I would recommend him to everyone! He books up quickly so I would say call as soon as you can.

Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Profile Picture Mai Vi, 11/10/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Ben B. Photography is out of this world! We're so happy to have been able to get a photo session with Ben, he's so professional and has a great eye. He's always looking for that right spot. A lot of times it's not your typical spot you would imagine for a photo shot, which makes his shots so unique. Ben keeps it fun and tries to help each of us relax and get that natural look. He's always willing to try your ideas and also mix in his suggestions too, to get the best of both worlds.

We totally would recommend Ben B. Photography to anyone looking to get AWESOME engagement photos, weddings, and even family photos!!!

Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Photo of Ben B. Photography in Renton, WA
Profile Picture Andy, 11/10/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

220x220 sq 1383175506393 tmw00614

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$395.00 Value | Promo Code: MMPF
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Professional Network & Endorsements

Ben is a very awesome Photographer that has a great eye for that perfect shot! We have had the honor to work with him at a few Weddings now and can honestly say that he is worth the hire! All his pictures are amazing! He is very Professional yet very fun and energetic! A great person to work with! You will definitely be very happy with how your pictures turn out!

We have worked alongside Made Media Photography in the past as videographers and they have been a pleasure to work with. They were very communicative with us allowing us to shoot without compromising each other's work.

I am truly amazed at his photography and his creativeness! What a great fit! It really was a pleasure to work with him and I'm so happy to have chosen him for my photography needs. I recommend him to any and all!

A great photographer for timeless amazing photos! Their pictures will tell the story of your big day. Highly recommended!


Highlands, Renton, WA 98056   See On Map
206-486-2151 (phone)
Ben B. Photography is a wedding Photographer from Seattle-Tacoma. We service weddings throughout the local area, including King County, Snohomish County, and Pierce. Ben B. Photography is a professional wedding Photography that has been part of the Seattle wedding industry for 6 years. We specialize in Creative lighting and documentary style photography.