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Luxe Studio by Monica Jones

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Multicultural Professional hair services for all occasions by appointment only.

Luxe Studio by Monica Jones has been servicing clients since 2011.  Monica has established herself as one of the area's foremost experts in the Microlink hair installation technique.  Luxe Studio by Monica Jones has served women from all walks of life.  Her list of clients include working women, housewives, wives of professional athletes, TV personalities, actresses, brides, and models.  Monica's vision is to help women who are looking for discretion, privacy (as we only schedule one client at a time) and professional hair care services for any event or occasion. 

Monica has always had a creative talent for fashion and hair design.  Since her high school days (when she began modeling) to her her early adulthood days (traveling between DC, New York and Los Angeles), she has has familiarized herself with different hair styles.  She is a Paul Mitchell trained hair stylist and consultant.  She is also a licensed & certified Cosmetologist and Master Educator.  

Luxe Studio by Monica Jones is a private hair studio that specializes in premium and customized hair extensions and other premium haircare services.  We utilize a unique method called the "Luxe Microlink Technique".   This technique is unlike other traditional hair extension methods such as the heated bonded fusion method  (which can tangle & matte your hair, involves adhesives that can actually damage your hair, and is very difficult to remove).  The Luxe Microlink Technique is one of the most undetectable hair extension methods available on the market.  It is safe, does not involve adhesives or harsh chemicals, and is quite easy to maintain.  More importantly it prevents damage and promotes healthy hair growth and restoration.  Your hair extensions will look and feel natural.  

All of our work is highly customized so that the extensions can easily match your own hair as closely as possible.  Luxe uses its own brand of 100% virgin human hair.  We work with the highest quality hair to ensure longevity and performance.  The quality of our hair is unsurpassed.

In addition to natural hair extensions, we also offer other services such as: Silk Press Hair Services, Thermal Silkening Smoothing Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Texturizing, Shampoo and Deep Conditioning, Cutting/Styling, and Coloring.  We also provide consulting services.  We can help you with things like improving your hair health, adding volume to thinning hair, and transitioning to chemical free natural hair. 



Categories: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Regions serviced: Washington DC

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I am very pleased with not only the professionalism and outstanding service, but the fact that she is dedicated to pleasing her clients. I have already referred others and will continue to do so.

Profile Picture Wana, 10/20/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

Monica has been doing my hair since 2012 and, frankly, I will not let anyone else touch my hair. From my very first appointment she gave me the exact style I was looking for. Not only do I get compliments from random strangers about my hair, but my hair is healthy and longer than it’s ever been. I wear the fusion extensions so I get the length and volume without the damage to my real hair all thanks to Monica. Did I mention that I drive over 3 hours just to see her? That’s how amazing she is. Monica works hard for her clients and I’m always in awe when I see how she works her magic on women of different races and backgrounds. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, Monica can make it happen!

Profile Picture Angela, 6/16/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

Luxe Studio by Monica Jones Pricing

Blowout Pricing
Starting from $150.00
Bride - Trial
Starting from $75.00
Attendants/Family - Trial
Updos/Styling Pricing
Starting from $150.00
Bride - Trial
Starting from $85.00
Attendants/Family - Trial
Makeup Pricing
Starting from $100.00
Bride - Trial
Starting from $85.00
Attendants/Family - Trial

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Ashburn, VA 20148   See On Map
703-554-9472 (phone)