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Hey there! We’re Ty & Kate, a husband and wife duo specializing in fine wedding photography & design. It’s good to meet you! Formerly known as Tyler Brown Studio & Lovewell Celebration Design, our heart for marriage finally took over our businesses, creating the one happy family of LoveWell Weddings. With a crazy amount of wedding experience, we’re excited to offer both separate and combined services to couple’s in the Central New York & Finger Lakes Region. Our weddings can't help but be hopelessly romantic, naturally inspired, carefully crafted, sentimental yet silly & have an innate sense of intimacy, no matter the size. It's just what happens when we have too much fun playing weddings together!

As unique as we are as a pair, we love how much more unique our clients are—their love inspires us to create wedding days reflective of the love, marriage and future they share. Our clients have a few things in common: they love to do life together (and naturally collaborate on their wedding), they have a great sense of humor, they trust their wedding day will be amazing just because they’re getting married, and they trust us to create and capture a day that exceeds their wildest dreams.

At the heart of what makes us tick is marriage. We believe vibrant marriages make our world a better place, and what better way to start that lifelong journey than with a wedding worthy of your love? Let's do this.


Love always,

Love well.

Ty & Kate


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Regions serviced: Syracuse

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Kate is truly the best. She coordinated the day of, did an amazing job walking us through the rehearsal the day before, and helped plan and troubleshoot leading up to our big day. We got married at the Frog Pond in Skaneateles, NY. Though absolutely beautiful, it's not any easy venue to pull off a big wedding at (we had about 200 guests). Luckily for us Kate had coordinated/designed weddings there before and was invaluable in asking the right questions and making very helpful suggestions. She wasn't pushy at all; rather Kate offered a balanced approach in helping us figure out our "vision" and what really mattered to us on our wedding day, and what was feasible given our budget and venue constraints. Kate went above and beyond, and even figured out our confusing seating chart the day of our wedding while we were getting ready (tip to other couples - organize your place cards according to table number -- sorry Kate!). Most importantly, Kate is a pleasure to work with and to be around in general. Her cheerful spirit and calm can-do attitude meant so much every step of the way. We wholeheartedly recommend Kate - we can't thank her enough!

Profile Picture Larissa, 6/24/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

If you're looking for someone to plan/capture your wedding, look no further - LoveWell has it all! From start to finish, LoveWell will ensure your day is everything you've dreamed it to be. This is a one-stop shop as their services include full wedding planning as well as professional photography. Book now!

Profile Picture User7484200, 1+ year ago, 1 Review
Category: Photography, Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Very talented staff. Every detail is always perfect.

Kate is a dear friend, full of love and dripping with talent!

I've had the pleasure of working with LoveWell designs for a number of events in the past when I was with other companies, and I would highly recommend her professionalism and expertise to anyone!

Kate is a dream to work with, very organized and has great vision for your event.



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315-391-5525 (phone)
Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm Saturdays and evenings by appointment