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Romantic flowers. Elegant wedding design. Customized for you and yours.

We are a boutique-style wedding florist and design firm, specializing in romantic flowers, elegant designs, customized for you and yours. Available for Toledo, Cincinnati, Northern and Central Ohio, Southeast Michigan and destination weddings. Whether you're a classic, boho-chic, glam, rustic or traditional vintage bride, La Boutique brings a touch of timeless class and nostalgia to every event. We have a large inventory of decor items and will travel. In addition, La Boutique specializes in romantic floral centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres.

We don't stop at ceremonies and receptions -- we also offer styling and coordinating for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners with a vintage twist. From high tea to wine tastings, we make your celebration a true experience, not just another step in the process. La Boutique is proud to have professional stylists and coordinators on staff to help complete your look. Weddings designed authentically is our motto. Your day should be like no other. Life is too short to be anything but authentic.




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Categories: Wedding Florist, Wedding Decor & Lighting

Regions serviced: Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati

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Brigitta and her team were the most amazing group to work with. From the first meeting I knew I had made the right decision in hiring La Boutique Nostalgie. Getting the proposal after the initial meeting I could envision what my reception would look like and had goosebumps from how amazing it all sounded. She stayed with my floral budget and made my dream escort card table come to life! Everything that was discussed from emails to site visits was included in my big day and so well coordinated with my vendors! Brigitta and her team went above and beyond to make my day special. My husband and I cannot thank her and the team enough for making our day so beautiful! Highly recommend La Boutique Nostalgie to any bride!

Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Photo of La Boutique Nostalgie in Toledo, OH
Profile Picture Hannah, 8/18/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Flowers, Lighting & Decor
Services Used: Aisle Decor, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Table Arrangements, Clean Up, Consultations, Delivery, Event Design, Set Up, Venue Visit

Brigitta has a way of taking what you envision in your head to reality! Her work is amazing and her and her staff are total pros! She helped me work out everything! We couldn't have asked for better flowers and decor!

Profile Picture Leslie, 7/28/18, 8 Reviews
Category: Flowers

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Some of my very favorite weddings to photograph are the ones decorated and designed by La Boutique Nostalgie. If you are looking for a vintage flare to your wedding day then La Boutique is the leader in this realm. I have photographed their vintage design which come in so many different forms from rustic vintage to french vintage and I can honestly say they are all absolutely gorgeous! Amazing staff, exceptional customer service, BEAUTIFUL floral, an wonderful selection of items to choose from and the ability to create your dream come true! You won't regret choosing La Boutique as your wedding design and floral specialist!

Briggita and her girls are great to work with. They have a very unique style that sets them apart and great attention to detail. We love everything we see from La Boutique Nostalgie!

La Boutique Nostalgie is one of the most amazing designers in this area. Her flair for vintage style is always amazing and elegantly presented. Breathtaking, is a great way to describe a room when La Boutique Nostalgie has decorated!

If you are looking for an amazing person to design and plan your vintage wedding, look no further than Heather at La Boutique Nostalgie! She has polished and innovative ideas to make your wedding a complete success. She is also a florist and gives your wedding a well-balanced vintage, yet authentic look. She is great to work with and a very down-to-earth person! I highly endorse her services.


201 Morris St., Suite D, Toledo, OH 43604   See On Map
419-308-4559 (phone) 419-308-4559 (fax)
By appointment
La Boutique Nostalgie is a wedding florist and designer from Toledo servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Toledo, Cleveland, and Detroit. La Boutique Nostalgie is a professional florist that has been part of the Toledo wedding industry since 2012 specializing in fresh flowers and decor.