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Kaleidoscope Weddings is a professional wedding planning company based out of Main Line, Pennsylvania. Since their establishment in 2011, they have been turning wedding dreams into reality throughout the surrounding Philadelphia area. They believe your wedding day should be memorable and fun for you and your guests. With their organized and detail-oriented team of wedding planners, you can expect the best from Kaleidoscope Weddings. They'll bring your vision of your special day to life for memories that will last a lifetime.

Services Offered
From full-service wedding planning to day-of coordination, Kaleidoscope Weddings does it all. They offer four packages that are tailored to fit nearly every couple out there. From the lavish couple who desires more high-end finishes to the “DIY” couple who just needs a little assistance coordinating the day's events. No matter which wedding planning service you select, Kaleidoscope Weddings offers a combination of:

  • Budget analysis
  • Event design
  • Guest list
  • Referrals
  • To-do lists
  • Timelines

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Regions serviced: Philadelphia

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I could go on for days with how much I adore and appreciate the Kaleidoscope team! I worked with Jen for almost 2 years and everything was smooth sailing. Every bride gets stressed, but Jen took that all away and helped us plan our dream day. The day of, I honestly don't know what I would've done without the Kaleidoscope family. They just made everything so simple and special which truly allowed us to soak in the moment. I'm able to remember every aspect, feeling, and memory of that day because of them and that itself, is priceless. I would recommend them to anyone looking for professionalism, attentiveness, and people who are able to truly take the time to make sure your day is perfection.

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Profile Picture Ashley, 9/8/18, 10 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Non-Religious, Budget Analysis, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Guest List, Timelines, To-Do Lists, Referrals, Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner

I can't tell you how many times after our wedding my husband and I have said to each other, "Thank goodness for Lisa Marie!" 10? 50? Seriously, if there is one thing you need to do NOW during your wedding planning, it's to hire Kaleidoscope. When I was first engaged, my then-fiance and I were convinced that we did not need any help. I had been in six weddings and we're both extremely organized and on top of our stuff - we thought we had everything down. How wrong we were. Once we got to the 8-month mark, we quickly realized that there were about million things we needed to take care of on the wedding day, and if we didn't get help, there would be trouble. We spoke with a few coordinators, but really clicked quickly with the ladies at Kaleidoscope. Lisa Marie was fantastic from our first conversation to even today - she has a great personality for wedding planning where she can be fun but also get down to business. She is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable - I probably asked her more than 200 questions before the wedding and she answered all of them promptly and as a true wedding expert. I always felt like I was in great hands and that Lisa Marie would take care of anything that came her way - and she truly did during our wedding! There were a couple things that happened outside our control at the wedding - one of them being sudden pouring rain during our outdoor ceremony! - and she handled each situation with such command and calm. Lisa Marie took amazing care of me and my husband during the wedding day, and she also even made sure our parents and close friends were having a good time and had everything they needed. She was SUCH a godsend throughout the entire day. I almost felt like a guest at my own wedding - I was able to have a wonderful time and not worry about a thing! Two of my engaged friends came up to me during our after-wedding brunch and told me how much they need "a Lisa Marie!" I happily passed along her information! Thanks so much, Lisa Marie!

Profile Picture Elena, 8/18/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Clayre and her team are amazing. They're fun and friendly, while also being professional and good at what they do! It's always a pleasure working them and our clients feel exactly the way.

We at Philly Event Group recognize the high level of professionalism that Kaleidoscope brings to wedding clients and are proud to endorse them. Brides and their families seeking the best in their wedding experience can rest assured that everything is taken care of by the folks at Kaleidoscope. We have witnessed this first hand on several occasions, and at a cross section of different types of weddings & events. We strongly recommend the wedding planning services of Kaleidoscope Solutions.



121 N. Wayne Ave, Ste 101, Wayne, PA 19087   See On Map
610-964-8400 (phone) 610-964-9601 (fax)
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm; Saturday: Appointment Only; Sunday: Appointment Only