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        These are REAL photos, of REAL couples, during REAL events! Our team is trained to capture these moments as they happen, all while creating art that you will love for a lifetime. Anyone can take a photo of something beautiful that is sitting and waiting. Very few can predict the moment before it happens and capture it as it does!

Here at Jonathan Ivy Photography we have a passion for photography and capturing your most cherished moment.  We do wedding photography primarily in San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country, Austin, and the Texas Coastal Bend.  But for years we have also been seen in Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas and Ft Worth plus we are available for destination wedding photography worldwide.  We also provide services for: portraiture as well as editorial/commerical work (

With every full wedding package, Jonathan Ivy Photography provides a wedding album, 2 photographers and a master digital copy of your wedding photos in high resolution. We also offer custom design work in order to preserve the memory for you and your guests.   We offer flush-mounted and matted styled albums that chronicle the most memorable moments from your special day.  Think of this as your family's first heirloom!

Jonathan Ivy Photography will capture your cherished memories and transform them into inimitable, visually stunning photos that will last a lifetime.  If you have an upcoming event you would love to commemorate, we would love to work with you. 

Contact us to set up an appointment: or 281.224.1937

- Thanks, Jonathan & Samantha

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Regions serviced: Houston, San Antonio

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I could not be happier with the way our engagement photos turned out!! I originally found Jonathan Ivy Photography while searching for locations to do engagement photos in Houston, and then when looking back, saw that all of the photos / locations were from the same photographer. From the moment I contacted Jonathan and Samantha, everything was SO easy. We wanted to capture shots all over Houston, and they were able to accomoodate EVERY SINGLE location which we wanted to shoot at, propose a mapped out route with exact times they would recommend spending at each location, etc. and it all turned out to be Perfect! I was worried it was going to feel awkward, but Jonathan makes you feel so comfortable and when you are "stuck" on what to do with your hands, etc. he knows exactly the way to suggest a "pose" without it looking too forced or pose-y. After our shoot day, they were so fast to deliver the photos, make the edits, and mail us our USB of pictures. It was so fun hanging out with Jonathan on our shoot day and getting to know Jonathan and Samantha through our email and in person interactions, and if we weren't getting married in Pennsylvania I'd totally have booked them for our wedding!! I would not hesitate to recommend these guys to any one in the area. Thank you!!

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Profile Picture Reina, 8/25/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

One word to describe our engagement photos, AMAZING! Our engagement photos and experience working with Jonathan exceeded our expectations. Without hestitation, I highly recommend Jonathan for all of your wedding and engagement photography needs.

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Profile Picture Rikiya, 6/23/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

We love Jonathan Ivy Photography! He has a great eye to capture gorgeous photos!

The team at Jonathan Ivy Photography are so great to work with! They are easy to work with, very personable, and do great work!

This is a top notch crew! Amazing talent!

We have worked enough events together to be able to give them very high Kudos and know that they'd easily be on the top of your list!!! TOP NOTCH!!! Makes everything flpw easily with incredible quality! THANKS!



Houston, TX 77010   See On Map
281-224-1937 (phone)
San Antonio, TX 78230   See On Map
281-224-1937 (phone)
By Appointment Only
Jonathan Ivy Photography is a wedding Photographer from San Antonio servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Houston, Austin, and the Hill Country. Jonathan Ivy Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Texas wedding industry since 2009 specializing in fine weddings and portraiture.