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We absolutely loved working with JC and Erica. Their professionalism was outstanding. Their suggestions were very helpful and we never felt pushed or rushed to do something we weren't comfortable doing. We found these guys at the very last second (2 months before our wedding I think), crazy I know, and they were willing To take us on which we were super grateful for.

finally, their final product delivery melted our hearts. Our wedding theme was all things rustic and so they packaged our pics in a rustic looking box w our names engraved. (Maybe that's the way they do it, lol, but for us and Bc that was our theme, meant so much!!) and the pictures, we believe, captured the emotion, the joy and the moments we hoped a photographer would capture. We would most definitely recommend this amazing team to any couple who're looking for a pair of kind, humble, inspiring, and loving peeps to work with (: We love you guys!!

Profile Picture Lana, 5/24/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

We were so happy we chose JCCREATIVEWORKS to photograph our wedding because he not only produced quality photos, but was incredibly professional and easy to work with through the whole process. He is a clear communicator, and was timely, organized, and professional throughout the entire event. He took into account the photo requests I had prior to the wedding, and combined it with his creative vision to produce results that we will cherish for years.

Profile Picture Lauren, 9/22/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography

We used JC Creativeworks for our engagement and wedding photography and were SO pleased! Words cannot express the level of professionalism, passion, and creativity that JC offers. He did an amazing job on all of the photos and definitely has an "eye" for the perfect shots. I've recommended him to several friends who have also utilized his services and were extremely satisfied. We would highly suggest him to anyone looking for a great photographer!

Profile Picture Michele, 7/27/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography


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83 Photos
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