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Iza's Flowers, Inc.
Our specialty is weddings, corporate events, and parties. We customize each wedding for each couple and every party is customized to the company or individual.

Iza is determined to accommodate all of her clients. We have never met two brides who were the same and, therefore, we have never designed two weddings the same. The Iza's Flowers, Inc. bride may be secure in the knowledge that her flowers will be custom designed to suit the season, the ambiance of her wedding location and her own personal style.

You will find that Iza will help you create your ideal wedding decorations. Beginning with a private wedding consultation where she will listen to all of your dreams and inspirations. We then take your ideas and use the best available product for the season and orchestrate the prefect wedding arrangements. From the edgiest trends to a simple romantic style we try to exceed all of your expectations.
During your consultation you will be given a detailed explanation for each item discussed so you will not find any hidden charges. We also offer several options of "wedding day" delivery services to give you the prefect amount of attention you are looking for. Travel is never out of the question when it comes to service for our clients, we deliver to all of the Pinellas County area and have gone as far as the suburbs of Tampa.

We feel it is important to know and understand the dreams and needs you have for your wedding day, so please plan some extra time to get to know your consultant.

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Regions serviced: Tampa

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Iza and her team were absolutely amazing! Being an out of state bride I was very nervous, but Iza made everything a dream. She took my vision and brought it to life. She was easy to reach, always quick to respond to emails and questions. In the beginning stages she gave us different options and price points which I found extremely helpful. All of our guests continue to rave about how amazing the flowers and decor was. She will not disappoint!!!

Profile Picture Sara, 7/7/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Aisle Decor, Altar Decor, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Flower Petals, Non-Floral, Table Arrangements, Clean Up, Consultations, Delivery, Event Design, Set Up

I met with several florists before I found Iza. After talking with her I knew she was the perfect person to create my vision. She was very detailed and she knew exactly what I was looking for. My bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets were precisely what I wanted and absolutely gorgeous. She took extra time to show me how to hold my bouquet (long cascade) so it would look perfect in pictures. When I got a sneak peak at the reception area everything was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Everyone from my family to the staff at the hotel kept commenting on how elegant everything looked. I can absolutely say that she exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend her to everyone! She truly is talented at what she does. Thank you so much for everything Iza!

Profile Picture Roxanne, 6/29/18, 10 Reviews
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Clean Up, Consultations, Delivery, Event Design, Set Up, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Non-Floral, Single Flowers, Table Arrangements

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By far some of the best floral arrangements I have seen. I highly recommend Iza!

LOVE Iza's Flowers!!!! As a photographer I am a fan of beautiful floral and Iza's arrangements are STUNNING!!!! Love, love, love her work and her professionalism. Highly recommend.

Love Iza! She has a very special gift that she brings to all her weddings. The work she has done on my cakes is awesome. I know when she is the florist doing the flowers my brides are going to be very happy. Her attention to detail is overwhelming. I love working with Iza's Flowers. I highly recommend her for any ocassion.

Iza did an awesome job on the flowers and candy station... also she was very helpful on the day of the wedding setting everything up. Everybody loved her and flowers looked beautiful. Looking forward working with her again in the future.



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