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Invitations By David's Bridal

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About Invitations By David's Bridal

Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your special day. Our wide selection of wedding invitations will make it fabulous. Take a look at our traditional and trendy designs for both professionally printed and DIY invitations.

On a tight budget? We have lots of deals on beautiful and affordable wedding invitations at 100 invites for less than $60 and less than $100. 


Make Your Wedding Invitations Your Own

Add that personal touch to your wedding invitations:


  • Choose Your Favorite Colors: We've got your favorite colors, including David's Bridal exclusive color selection.
  • Pick Your Wording: You can choose traditional wording from a variety of templates, and even write your own wording.
  • Find Your Favorite Font Styles: You can mix and match fonts for just the right look.

Invitations by David’s Bridal offers:

o    DB Exclusive coordination in exclusive styles, inks, ribbons, liners

o    Hundreds of exclusive styles

o    EVERYDAY 20% off invite discount (invite only)

o    100 invitations starting under $60 (after 20% daily discount applied)

o    FREE shipping $150 or more

o    FREE samples – see the quality for yourself!

o    LIVE Chat and 800# from etiquette experts to answer all etiquette and order questions

o    David’s Bridal credit card NOW accepted!

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It was very simple ordering my invitations via invitations by David's Bridal. Since I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from DB the color was available for my invitations. I got to choose my own wording added whatever I wanted and taken out whatever I needed. The price is very reasonable compared to other websites that I have looked at and compared with. I ordered my invitations with two colors in the text and unfortunately it was only delivered with the one color which was the main color. I'm not that upset about it because it is still beautiful and it was only our names that was a different color. I called customer service and was quickly spoken to and the girl was super nice and asked us if we wanted to redo the order or have the money that was added for the second color credited back to us. I opted for the credit. The delivery time was about one week. Even though we had one mistake. It wasn't a big one and I was super satisfied with my purchase! !!!

Profile Picture Venessa, 11/26/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Invitations

They had a large selection to choose from and reasonable prices (much more affordable than a lot of other places that get more ads). The ordering process was pretty easy, and the invitations looked perfect. Definitely a good choice when you’re on a budget but still want quality. I’m so glad I used David’s Bridal Invitations.

Profile Picture Kathryn, 11/3/17, 10 Reviews
Category: Invitations
Services Used: Printing

After calling David Bridal invitation, I am so upset my invitations are lost. I spoke with two different people from the customer service center both people were unpleasant. My wedding is in 75 days and I have no invitations. I place the order a month ago. I would not recommend using David Bridal for any of your wedding services. In the confirmation email David Bridal states “If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Invitations by David Bridal, we promise that you will receive a prompt replacement or full refund less shipping within 30 of receipt of your order. Please contact us prior to returning product, so we can make sure your return id handled promptly.” The problem was I never receive the invitations to begin with. Not once did the Customer Service Representative offer send resend the invitation and gave me a hard time about giving me a refund. I spend well over $300 on invitation to only not received them. Save your money aggravation and find another vendor. After writing the review a David Bridal CSR call me to apologize and confirm my refund! I feel much better about the situation althrough I still have no wedding invitations.

Profile Picture Dominique, 10/14/17, 1 Review
Category: Invitations

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