"I do!" Wedding Jewelry

"I do!" Wedding Jewelry

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About "I do!" Wedding Jewelry

Beautiful Gems and Custom Design!

Custom Fine Art Jewelry Design for bridal and wedding parties.  

Truly “one-of-the-kind” jewelry. Unique abd fresh.


Categories: Wedding Jeweler

Regions serviced: Washington DC

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Classic designs, spot-on-the budget, overall very positive experience.
I will come back for non-bridal jewelry as well.
Highly recommend this vendor!
Margie H.

Profile Picture Margie, 8/22/09, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

It was great experience overall. Nice jewelry that everybody noticed and commented on. I love ruby, so I was very happy with quality of gemstones and design as well.

Profile Picture Barbara, 5/19/09, 1 Review
Category: Jewelry

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