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"The plain truth is, I love to marry people. And I’m told over and over that it shows!
And the plain truth is, I’d love to marry you..." 

The idea behind the MarryUsCaroline Ceremonies is amazingly simple: 

Capture everyone’s attention with warm, loving, insightful, even humorous vows that express your deepest sentiments... highlight your unique personalities... truly reflect your feelings and beliefs so that  your vows become a most joyful and memorable part of your wedding day. 

As a published author, Caroline brings years of experience to the role of Marriage Officiant. She has married scores of couples in all kinds of weddings — from big to small, simple to elaborate, civil to religious, spiritual to heartfelt, gay to straight.

As the former Mayor of Brookville, part of Caroline's job was to know how to inspire people with honesty and integrity.
She brings that gift to all the MarryUsCaroline Wedding Ceremonies.

As an Interfaith Minister, Caroline does not subscribe to any particular organized religion. Instead she draws upon her knowledge of many faiths and beliefs to assist you in creating a warm, loving and heartfelt ceremony that best fits who you are. 

Caroline is recognized for being highly organized, detail oriented, diplomatic, fun to work with AND reasonably priced!! But if you’d like to see for yourself, why not call? No obligation, of course.
Call 516-380-3838 or Email: MarryUsCaroline@aol.com

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Regions serviced: Long Island

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Caroline was incredible. We wanted something short, non-religious, and lighthearted, and she totally delivered. She went through everything very thoroughly during our phone meetings and made several suggestions that we would never have thought of. Right before the wedding, she went over everything again with us and our parents to make sure we knew exactly what would happen. During the reception, I had several people come up and ask me about her, because they thought she was terrific. One engaged couple even expressed regret that they had already gotten an officiant because they would have gone with her. We are extremely happy we had Caroline as our officiant and would wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

Profile Picture Carrie, 5/19/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Officiant

Caroline was everything we had ever hoped for when it came to who would marry us.
We opted to marry privately at her location and it was the right choice. She was so warm and inviting from start to finish and ensured that our ceremony was about us. Caroline made sure to include our daughter in the whole process which was exact what we wanted. We were not rushed and truly felt Caroline's heart was in our wedding.
I couldn't imagine anyone other that her to welcome us into this new chapter of life.

Profile Picture Cassandra, 5/3/18, 1 Review
Category: Officiant

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Hon. Caroline Z. Bazzini is a wedding Marriage Officiant from Long Island, NY servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City. Hon. Caroline Z. Bazzini is a professional Marriage Officiant that has been part of the New York wedding industry since 2008 specializing in very personalized, warm & loving, "all about you" wedding ceremonies.