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Our philosophy of shooting is guided by a core principle of finding what the "moment" is and capturing it. We seek to use more than just my eye looking through a viewfinder. When shooting we use all our senses to find scenes that make us feel good and appeal to us. When shooting people, we try to capture the small details of what makes them unique. Everyone has them. It's the inner beauty that is sometimes covered up that makes us all special. We use our own style that says who we are as photographers and it comes from the heart. As long as we shoot from the heart, our life, our passions, our work, will be special.

While there are many ways to shoot a picture,let us explain some of the technical details of how we shoot. We use wide open apertures to isolate the subject on a blurred background. This technique of shallow depth of field achieves the effect of focusing the viewer on the emotion of the subject. We tend to use longer focal length lenses which draws the subject closer and enables the viewing of details that otherwise may be missed. It allows us to remain at a distance and not draw attention to us. We will use wide angle lenses as the scene demands such as when "shooting from the hip". Using available light in all our images gives smoother skin tones and overall more pleasing lighting and colors. When possible we use the natural light provided. This requires the use of expensive and specialized lenses but the effect is worth it and the resulting images are unique. Always keeping an eye on the background is important as the tones and texture can enhance the image immensely. We always try to incorporate other people in the background of the image as their emotions and reactions to the subject can add to the moment. For example, when shooting the bride & groom dancing, having the parents or close friends in the shot can add to the excitement and emotion of the shot.

Our ultimate goal is to tell a story and to help people remember their special day for years to come. Our photography seeks to bring back those feelings of the day the shots were taken and evoke the tangible reminders of the emotion and excitement experienced. We hope that we can have a positive impact on the lives and marriages that we photograph.

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Scott and Adina were great. We had two photographers for 8 hours during our wedding day. We wanted great photos without feeling like you had a camera in your face the whole day (or blocking the view of your guests). They did exactly that and still got amazing shots. We had them come earlier as we wanted to capture more images of us getting ready. However, I'd already finished my make up early when they arrived so they helped stage some family prep shots with my mom, grandma, and bridesmaids. Things ran a little late in the evening so they weren't able to get as many dancing shots. However, they stayed a little past their time to take some extra photos and squeeze in some group shots (college friends, softball team, etc.). They were patient and kind enough to take photos with people's personal cameras during the group shots as well (even though they had already fulfilled their allotted time). The extra effort was greatly appreciated and the final pictures were beautiful. They were also great people to work with. I highly recommend them.

Profile Picture Melissa, 5/25/14, 12 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Digital Files, High-Res Images

I loved working with Scott and Adina! We used them for our engagement pictures, my bridal portraits, and our wedding.

Adina and Scott are an amazing team, and they are perfect professionals. They worked tirelessly to get every single shot absolutely perfect. We must have taken pictures for hours before the ceremony, and they never tired of making sure we were in the perfect location and the perfect pose. Scott is amazing at visualizing the shots, and Adina was always right behind him, perfecting the lighting. They also brought their son, who was the second shooter, and their new daughter in law, who ran the photo booth. Everyone was professional, upbeat, and willing to do whatever I needed.

When it seemed like there was a possibility of rain, I asked whether they would be willing to work in it. My other vendors were crabby about it, but Adina cheerfully told me they would be sure to bring their umbrellas and make it work. It is EXACTLY this attitude that means the most to a stressed-out bride.

When I saw the slideshow of images at my reception, I was blown away. There wasn't a single bad picture; in fact, everything was completely exquisite. It was amazing.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer, you should definitely check out their website. They have a really artistic photographic style that I love, and that definitely creates sensational wedding photos.

I can't wait to see all the pictures! What a great experience!

Profile Picture Katie, 7/28/13, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography

We hired this vendor for our wedding that took place in June. Upon meeting them we were impressed with their previous work that was shown and had a decent engagement session. Fast forward to our wedding day, the photographer knocks over a vase at our ceremony filled with water and floating candles on our guest and then backs up into another column, almost knocking that one over on the other side of the aisle. No apology to my husband and I for ruining our ceremony, until we confronted them about it weeks later. Also, they brought along their our videographer (they were doing a for profit movie on shooting weddings) which was in direct violation of the contract that we had with the videographer we hired to do the wedding. Also, we specifically spelled out what shots we wanted for the church and with what family members as the groom parents are divorced and estranged. The photographers completely disregarded our requests and instead took multiple shots with the groom parents together when we specifically asked for them to be separated. We expressed our concerns but were met with poor customer service and comments such as "if you write a bad review we will sue you for slander". The nerve after paying almost 6000,00 for average wedding photos. Its not slander when you are expressing a subjective opinion of a hired service and each is backed up with facts, its called a review. I am very disappointed as the wedding pictures we took were not of the same quality as our engagement pictures and other wedding photos we've seen from them prior to us hiring them. Furthermore, their lack of customer service and excuse making when we expressed our dissatisfaction is highly unsettling, seeing as we paid a pretty penny for awesome pictures and instead did not get all of the shots we wanted (due to poor time management and not following our requests) and a ruined ceremony with knocked over vases and cleaning bills for our guests.

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Profile Picture Kia, 6/1/13, 9 Reviews
Category: Photography

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54 Photos
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Professional Network & Endorsements

I highly recommend this wedding professional to future brides!

Love, love Scott Hayne Photography! Excellent work and great to work with!

A wonderful team of talented photo artists!

Scott Hayne Photography has such a unique way of making photos come to life. Extremly talented, his work is like pure art. Highly recommend Scott Hayne Photography

We've worked with Scott on numerous occasions and cannot say enough good things. He's wonderful to work with, and his pictures are always unique and beautiful. His expertise is highly sought-after by other photographers at workshops and seminars. If you want one of the most creative and well-known photographers in the area, look no further than Scott Hayne.



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