Flower Preservation by Waterford Past-Thymes

Flower Preservation by Waterford Past-Thymes

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About Flower Preservation by Waterford Past-Thymes

Your unique wedding memory kept alive forever!

Bridal Bouquet Preservation and All Occasion Flower Preservation are our specialties at Waterford Past-Thymes. We use the oldest, most reliable method, perfected by the newest techniques and ten years of experience. Pressing, framing and preserving your bridal bouquet (or ANY "special occasion" flowers) is a timeless way to celebrate a precious memory! 
Waterford Past-Thymes presses, preserves and custom frames your Bridal Bouquet (which may include your invitation). We also do the attendants’ bouquets (answers the everlasting "what shall I get my attendants?" question), corsages of the mothers or grandmothers of the bride or groom or any other special wedding flowers. These are the most thoughtful and unique gifts for the Bridal Party. In addition, if you want to give a "pre-wedding" flower preservation gift, as in a shower gift, rehearsal dinner, or bridesmaid luncheon gifts..... Waterford Past-Thymes offers free personalized (to your specifications) lovely gift certificates.
We prepare the flowers with a process that presses and preserves the ENTIRE flower, we do NOT "re-build" the flower, but most importantly, this process destroys any organisms that could harm the color or integrity of the flower.
One may opt to have their wedding flowers surround their invitation or photo etc. Ribbon, fabric from your dress or veil, the groom’s boutonnière etc may also be added (at no additional cost to you).
The final process layers foam core, batting, the fabric/color of choice, arrangement of choice, pressed behind preservation quality glass, in the frame of choice.  
To further customize your preservation, we lay out the client’s flowers in a few different frames, arrangements, fabric colors etc, take digital photos, and email the images to the client for "approval", before the final construction.   
Our company motto is:"The possibilities are limited only by your imagination" and we firmly endorse the concept. We are always open to all suggestions and we welcome special orders! 
Note: As you view our portfolio, you may hold the cursor over the photo for a drop-down description  

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Melissa does great work! I have received a lot of compliments from my bouquet and treasure this artwork! Worth the money!!

Profile Picture Carrie, 9/29/12, 8 Reviews
Category: Favors & Gifts, Flowers, Unique Services (Other)

BRIDES BEWARE! I woud not use this company to have your bouquet preserved . You will not only be disappointed with the results you can never get that bouquet back for somebody to do it right. My "picture" came out brown flowers looking like it was just smushed with a object. Creases everywhere. It should have been minimal creases. My family has had 3 down in the past by a real professional. I had a phone conversation explaining I wanted a natural/ivory background since my dress was ivory. Apparently the lady ( Melissa) did not listen one bit. When I got my demo pictures ( which were only 2- one oval and one rectangle), I was pleased with the background cause in the picture it was a rich ivory look. I was excited that the pictures come out well my sister had her bridesmaid bouquet done too and it was horrible in the pictures she kept on emailing them back and they sent new pictures. When I finally got my picture in the mail it was awlful- It had a white satin background with lots of brown edges on the flowers. Not even showing the essense of the bouquet at all. My sisters looked better then mine. I guess because she complained alot they gave hers more attention which is sad. So when I email them to let them know I was disappointed and wanted to have clarity why the background was different. I got a rude response saying the sent numerous pictures THEY ONLY SENT 2 ( one oval one rectagular) to get my approval and in regards to the background they said I never said anything about ivory/natural WHICH I DID THAT WAS IN MY PHONE CONVERSATION. and they blamed the coloration of the pictures on the computer screen variation. MY DEMOS WHERE DISPLAYED ON SEVERAL COMPUTERS BY SEVERAL PEOPLE, WHICH THEY ALL SAY IT WAS DIFFERENT THEN WHAT I RECEIVED. They need to review the pictures before sending to make sure there if no differences cause thats all I had to go by. APPARENTLY THIS COMPANY HAS LOST THEIR TOUCH OR HAS TAKEN ON TOO MUCH. CAUSE MY BOUQUET DIDN'T LOOK LIKE ANY OF THE ONES IN THE GALLERY. FROM ONE BRIDE TO ANOTHER DON'T WASTE YOUR BOUQUET OR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.

Profile Picture Jessica, 3/19/11, 1 Review
Category: Flowers, Unique Services (Other)

My pressed wedding bouquet is absolutely stunning! It was so easy to make changes to the "rough draft" provided to me... the only hard part was deciding which one to go with! I literally had 10 different versions to choose from that I would have been 100% happy with. This is such a neat product that I would recommend for any bride to do in order to preserve her bouquet in an elegant manner.

Profile Picture lauren, 10/16/09, 1 Review
Category: Unique Services (Other)

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Beautiful floral perservation for that special bouquet on that special day! Enoy the beauty of your wedding bouquet for a lifetime! Beautiful bouquets preserved for beautiful brides!

I absolutely love working with Betty and Waterford Past-Thymes. Their technique and design is absolutely amazing. I am so happy to know that my brides can have their bouquets with them forever.


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