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About Events TaylorMade

Your Event, TaylorMade For You - It's What You Want and What We Do!

Events TaylorMade is a family-owned and operated business. We are  California Grown – born and raised in Southern California! Our Senior Consultants have “Been there, done that” and between us, have a vast wealth of knowledge in the wedding, event and catering industries. Our Junior Consultants are just beginning to plan their futures, and bring a fresh point of view into everything they do.

Our Philosophy
A wedding, by its very nature is all about the heart. We at Events TaylorMade focus on that aspect, and not the wallet. We work with you to develop a budget that is workable and (most importantly) well within your means. We are creative, and endeavor to make dreams into a magical reality.  Our goal is to make your day the way you want, within the budget you have – nothing more, nothing less.

Your Day, Your Heart - Your Wedding, TaylorMade for you - it's what you want, deserve and what we do.


Full Planning - $795
Day of Coordination - $450*

Wedding Basics Rental Package - $495
EVERYTHING you need except tables and chairs for up to 150

* when paid in full at contract signing


We proudly offer three levels of service - be it consulting, day of coordination or doing it all for you, we have something for everyone - we also proudly offer our Fairy GodMothers Closet with ultra low cost rentals and our one of a kind borrowing program for brides on a budget!
Your event, TaylorMade for you. It's what you want, and what we do!

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Regions serviced: Orange County

33 Reviews for Events TaylorMade

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Erin came to my rescue and worked around my very tight budget to make my six bridesmaids bouquets. We originally wanted her to do everything, she has amazing packages on her website. I believe she did it for the sheer joy of helping me. The bouquets were exquisite, she knew how to make the most use of the roses and baby's breath for these gorgeous rustic bouquets. They took my breath away. I know we will continue to recommend and rely on Erin any chance we get.

Profile Picture Lana, 2/20/16, 4 Reviews
Category: Flowers

We worked with Aleksa throughout the planning process, she was fabulous! I wasn't too picky about what I wanted my flowers to look like, but she knew my vision and I trusted her. Everything turned out beautifully. The only things that I thought was a bit lacking was my baby's breath balls down the aisle (they didn't hang like the one's I wanted, but they were still beautiful). Other than that everything turned out great!

Profile Picture Tiffany, 9/8/12, 5 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Flowers, Wedding Planning

She never delivered the 250 gold chiavari chairs i rented from her for my wedding reception and the monday after my wedding she just said she had to check with the chair company about what had happened with my chairs. She uses third party companies to supply the equipment!! Finally amost five months after I was able to get my money back, not worth the stress on your big day. Go with someone well-known eventhough if it's more expensive, it's okay, pay the extra money because it's the most special day of your life, you deserve it. Don't let it get ruined like mine got ruined by Events TaylorMade and Erin Taylor.

Profile Picture User2969467, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths

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Professional Network & Endorsements

The thing I love most about Events Taylor Made is that they truly care about their brides! They want to make a difference and make sure that every bride feels special and that every bride and groom is able to create a wedding day that is perfect for them, regardless of their budget!

A great Planner/Coordinator. Not only do I have the pleasure of working with her but also a friend.

Taylor is a Amazing, Helpful, Loving person...

One of the finest Event Companies I've had the pleasure of working with! Erin and her team put their heart and soul into their events and it reflects in every detail. I am looking forward to many more years of working together!



12882 Valley View Street, Unit 3, Garden Grove, CA 92845   See On Map
714-657-8845 (phone)