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I just wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. My desire is to make this the best experience of the most important day of your life. Not only do I want to meet your expectations but to exceed them. 

My name is Evelio, and I am a wedding photographer based out of New Jersey serving New York City, Northern New Jersey and its surrounding areas. 

The joy and fulfillment I receive in documenting the most special moments on a wedding day compares to nothing else. If you'd like to get in front of my camera and experience that special moment with the one you love, shoot me an email. I'd be happy to hear from you.

Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, New York City

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Prior to our wedding this fall, Evelio was very prompt and informative regarding any questions that we had and instructing us on how the whole process will go and flow on our wedding day. When he arrived he got right to checking out the venue and taking pictures. This continued the WHOLE night! Wherever the action was, he was there! He was very helpful and meticulous about how the photos should be posed and what looked best.. I loved this, because you want your photos to look perfect! Definitely take him up on a consultation to see how he can photograph one of the most important days of your life!!

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Profile Picture Amber, 11/24/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: High-Res Images, Multi. Locations, One Event/Day, Wedding Portraits, Albums, Canvas, Digital Files, Prints, Proofs

Great Price and a really Nice Guy. My friends kept calling him a ninja cause he would just be there at the right moment to take a picture. The wife and I can't wait to see our wedding pics

Profile Picture Charles, 10/28/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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93 Photos
220x220 sq 1496893520963 van vleck house wedding photos img6845
220x220 sq 1496893759220 the inn at millrace pond wedding photos 34
220x220 sq 1496896861377 van vleck house wedding photos img6181
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220x220 sq 1496897301918 waterloo village wedding photos 253
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220x220 sq 1496897169382 waterloo village wedding photos 146
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220x220 sq 1496543098983 img1108
220x220 sq 1375061317467 img3048
220x220 sq 1496543517373 img7052 copy
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220x220 sq 1496544141729 waterloo village wedding photos 22
220x220 sq 1496544140773 waterloo village wedding photos 15
220x220 sq 1496544474919 waterloo village wedding photos 327
220x220 sq 1496544502494 waterloo village wedding photos 340
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Professional Network & Endorsements

You will not be sorry to work with Evelio. Very passionate about their work. Proof is in the prints!!

Wonderful work and a caring pro...in the field.

Want to have unique photos for your special day simply look no further than Evelio Photo. They understand your photos are as unique as you are. Add them to your special day.

When you want personalized and beatuiful wedding pictures that caption not just the day, but your story, please use Evelio Photo. They will listen to what you want your photos to be and not just take random photos and leave it at that. They are professional and willing to work with you not just for you.




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