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Your wedding is the perfect day to let YOU and your personalities shine! Why should your invitations be any different? Let your invites be your guests' guide to what lies ahead. Entice them with a beautiful and unique card design that sets the tone for your special wedding.

At Earmark: Social Paper Goods, we offer distinct and modestly priced invitations for the couple with an independent spirit. We will work with you to make your invitations just how you would like them. We offer custom packages that allow you to get exactly what you want, and we also offer an abundance of artistic styles and pre-designed invitations that will wow everyone! From the throwback Classic, Retro Award Ribbon Style invitations to a Wedding in the Woods, we have it all. And if we don't, let us create it for you! Earmark specializes in creating full wedding suites from the Save the Date to the Wedding Menus and Decorations. Choose the pieces you need and let us create the rest!


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They did an excellent job. I was able to pick out a design that they already had and make a few changes to it so that it was a bit more personalized for us. It saved us a lot of money instead of going the custom route. We LOVED,LOVED our invites and got a lot of compliments on them. I know a lot of people are doing the DIY invites and we went budget on other areas for our wedding but we wanted the invitations to be beautiful and they were. We were not disappointed and we also got our invites on time so there was no stress about getting them out in time.

Profile Picture Marcia, 7/11/09, 3 Reviews
Category: Invitations

Earmark Invitations was a dream to work with! They have a fabulous variety of beautiful invitations to suit most anyones taste. I particularly liked that they use eco-friendly products such as inks and paper that can be matched to most colors. They were very professional and helpful! I am planning on using them for our baby announcements (awhile down the road!). Highly recommended!

Profile Picture Laura, 7/7/07, 5 Reviews
Category: Invitations

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