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About dazzleM desserts

"a confection boutique"

For  THE  MOST  FAB  times of your life!  

dazzling  Wedding Cakes, Dessert Buffets & Edible Favors

Boutique Designer & Chef makes your wedding confections sparkle 
Hand crafted with highest quality ingredients, achieving a refined, truly delicious taste  
Designed to enhance your concept,theme and venue
Created to capture the unique ambiance of your wedding event

dazzleM desserts studio serves discerning clients in the urban, coastal
& rancho areas of San Diego &
Orange County 

Number of client bookings is strictly limited ~ tastings are complimentary, by appointment 
[Minimum order is $350, plus delivery & set up fee]

Pair your Wedding Cake with coordinated Theme / Wedding Cookie Favors.
or beautifully packaged Cupcakes and a unique Groom’s Cake. 
Each is sure to say, in a most tasteful way,
thank you dear friends for coming."

About Chef Jen:  Retired from professional law practice (30 years), Jen spent two years training to prepare herself to meet the needs of discriminating clients who seek confections that are decidedly delicious and beautifully crafted.  Jen’s affinity for the culinary and baking arts came naturally, and on the apron strings of her two Grandmothers. Studying, practicing and taking classes in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego yielded a rapid learning curve which Chef Jen has put into practice, with attention to detail, personal touches, all to the delight of her brides and clients.  Connect with Chef Jen for a creative collaboration that will strike the perfect note for your most important day and events.  Note: We ship our delicious Theme & Wedding Cookie Favors throughout the U.S.

Categories: Wedding Cake

Regions serviced: San Diego

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The most delicious and beautiful cake ever! Chef Jen exceeded our expectations. When I saw the cake, I wanted to hug her but we were so busy running around with the photographer. So big hugs from us now!
She decorated the top for us and arranged the table with our decorations, which was above and beyond~thank you so much for making our day so beautiful with your cake. It was one of the highlights of the evening and every guest was talking about the burst of flavors and just how delicious it was. Many times I got "best wedding cake I've ever tasted, ever!" And we agree! Thanks for making us look so good, Jen.
After meeting with Jen and tasting her cake, we felt safe and assured that we had one less thing to worry about for our day. We especially loved her passion and creativeness. She takes pride in her work and she is the next Martha Stewart.
We have a picture with the ocean in the background as the sun goes down on the cake and it takes my breath away! ps- you were right- it was more than enough cake! We have the entire top layer in our freezer for next year.
If you want one of the beautiful cakes you see in Martha Stewart Weddings and for it to taste amazing, then you've found the right chef in Jen.

Profile Picture Kiem, 2/7/09, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

Highly recommended - we tried out several places locally and ended up with dazzleM desserts!

Profile Picture David, 12/9/08, 5 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

The cake turned out great. Our wedding had a very eclectic yet elegant style and Jenn captured that perfectly. Plus I know she went through heck and high water to get the cake to the reception location. These cakes are sooo good. Make sure you get a tasting. Of course there are many decadent chocolate flavors that are all good, and don't forget to try the lighter flavors such as lemon because they are surprisingly good too!

Profile Picture Adrian, 11/1/08, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

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Cake or Edible Favor Tasting & Consultation

Redeem In-Store
dazzleM will provide a complimentary cake and/or edible favor (cookies or cupcakes) tasting and consultation for all couples whose budget for the category is a minimum of $350.


Special Order / Commission, Box 8848, La Jolla, CA 92038   See On Map
619-990-9906 (phone) 858-455-9797 (fax)
Tastings and design consultations are by appointment and complimentary for up to four persons. $25 for each extra person.