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Thank you so much for considering me as your wedding photographer. I love weddings, I love photographs, and I love my clients. My philosophy is to keep things simple and fun every step of the way. I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year so I can really get to know my brides and grooms. I couldn't imagine doing my job any other way.
If you like my work, I'd love to meet with you. I am very easy to get to know and I'd love to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with.
Enjoy your wedding planning!

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Regions serviced: Phoenix

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Cristi, you are a joy to work with! From the engagement photos to the wedding, we felt so comfortable with you. The photos are ART! I've had some portraits printed, and the detail and quality of the photographs are fantastic. THANK YOU for capturing so many special moments, so we can look back on those days forever and smile. :) Kate

Profile Picture Kate, 3/1/14, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

My husband and I worked with Cristi for our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. She was so amazing to work with, always responsive, had great ideas, was worth the expense, and gave us amazing photos. Our entire wedding party felt so comfortable with Cristi, which was important to us. We decided on Cristi so early on in our planning process because we loved our first meeting with her, she wasn't pushy and "salesy" like the other photographers we interviewed. We can't wait to work with Cristi on future family portraits. Love her!

Profile Picture Ashley, 3/2/13, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

Cristi is the perfect combination of artist and professional. On the professional side; she was timely, knowledgable, and organized. On the artistic side; she turns everything she snaps into art!

Cristi was an absolute blast to work with and was even up for climbing into a creek for some of our wedding shots! We could not be happier with our engagement and wedding photos.

Profile Picture Lindsey, 7/9/11, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

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