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I have been doing makeup professionally since 2006. I specialize in bridal makeup, wedding parties, consultations, special events, and more. I do makeup locally here in the Phoenix area and also travel nationally. My passion for makeup shows in my work. I love having the opportunity to meet different faces each day and in return make them feel more beautiful and confident. 

I'm originally from Washington State but I consider myself an Arizona native as of late. I'm passionate about all things beauty, health, skincare, and fashion. My work in makeup has played a huge role in making me the person I am today. Working in the beauty industry and helping people feel their best is what I love most. I hope to inspire my clients and share all my knowledge and tips to encourage each individual. 

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Categories: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Regions serviced: Phoenix, Dallas

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Cortney was a no show, no call and impossible to get in touch with on the morning of my makeup trial. As a result, I had to cancel my photo shoot planned for over a month. I had email confirmation from Cortney 3 days before the date saying she would be there. The day of, I got no call, no text, and she would not answer me when I reached out to her multiple times. I would never ever trust this girl with makeup for your wedding day.

Profile Picture Lindsey, 5/19/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

First off, Cortney came HIGHLY recommended by multiple people and I was excited to use her.

Cliff notes version: Communication was limited at best, she tried to schedule 2 separate trials the same day/time at different locations and she no shows/no calls or very last minute cancellations. She did not show up on My wedding day.

I set up a trial date. A friend of mine also decided to try Cortney and attempted to set up a trial. Cortney was unaware of the trial time and date she and I had just set up and tried to schedule my friend at the same time. We did ultimately scheduled independent trials.

Trial day:
I received a text message at 6 am (we were meeting at 8 am), saying that she would not be able to make it since her dad was in the ER. I was VERY understanding and said that I hoped her father was ok and stated that we could reschedule the trial.
We rescheduled my trial. She was on time, it looked nice and I was ready for the wedding.

Between my trial and my wedding Cortney NO SHOWED NO CALLED to my friend’s scheduled trial. Her excuse: she pulled her back.

Wedding day:
The week of my wedding I reached out to all vendors. Cortney was responsive upon this text, and said she’d be there at 9:15 which was our scheduled start time.
30 minutes before she was supposed to arrive, I received a TEXT not a call, that she would not be coming. She stated that she had been throwing up all night and was too sick to come. She is either the most unlucky person ever, or a liar. Take your pick.
If she knew she was sick the night before, she should have found someone to come in her place. I ultimately found someone on my own to come for everyone’s make up the morning of my wedding. How irresponsible.


Save yourself a ton of stress and disappointment. Go with anyone but her.

Profile Picture Courtney, 4/21/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

I loved having Cortney do my makeup. She was so sweet and caring and made me feel so at ease. She listened extremely well and gave me exactly what I was looking for.. Even though I was from out of town and didn't do a trial, she nailed it. Thanks Cortney!! You deserve 10 stars :)

Profile Picture Bethe, 5/28/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Cortney rocks! Not only have I photographed brides that she has worked with (and they looked flawless), but I have also trusted her to do my own makeup when I needed it. She has tons of supplies, lots of talent, and her personality makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was nervous to get my makeup done professionally for the first time, and she made me feel and look beautiful. I love Cortney!

What a wonderful day it was working with Cortney Ann!! She is so sweet, so professional~ was just wonderful to work with! Her sweet smile lightens up the room, and brought such calm. Loved, loved, loved that she was just so nice!! That sometimes is difficult to find! Then her work ~ the bride, family and wedding party looked absolutely incredible! Such gorgeous work~ so much so; that I asked Cortney Ann; if she will do my make-up for me sometime! I would refer Cortney Ann to any bride~ you will look amazing!


Midland, TX 79707   See On Map
602-616-1169 (phone)